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I have been working with my intuitive abilities for over 9 years and I assist people in dealing with any issues/difficulties they are facing in life, conflicts, love and relationships aswell as personal fulfillment and future progression. I like to work with complete openness in order to connect with your energy, as well as calling in spirit guides for your personal guidance and using tarot for further insight. my sessions vary depending on what i feel is best needed for you specifically.


I'm a natural born gifted psychic reader. I've been giving Readings for 30 years. I Specialize in love and Relationship finance & Family soulmate connections expert in Break up or make up want to know if he/she loves you I have all the answers to your wondering thoughts and what you Search for !!!


Hello, I believe we all have gifts that we are given and some choose to access them and some do not. I love to help people find their gifts, connect with their Angels / Guides, do Angel card readings for them, and connect with their deceased loved ones. I am a Clairaudient Medium.


i have had psychic abilities from a very young age and able to read tarot cards in my adult life. i love what i do.


I have been reading Tarot Cards for friends and family for 2 years now, I am a firm believer that Tarot Cards are a form of communication from your Inner Being and/or Spirit Guides and they show you what you are currently attracting with regards to a situation. If it is not what you want then you have the power to change your thoughts and feelings in order to alter the outcome. If you are unable to change the outcome, it is a lesson that must be learned for personal growth.



I have a deep understanding of people's desires and wants. I read energy, paired with your star sign I can guide you through a healing process. Bringing out your darkest and most cherished dreams I want to help you birth them into reality.


I have been reading the Tarot since I was a young woman. My mother taught me, like her mother before her! Want to know if you'll get that job? Or if your relationship will workout? Just ask! I can do a full reading of your past, present and future, or i can spell out a specific word. Also you can just ask a single question and I will tell you the answer. Give me a try. The proof is in the Tarot!