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I am an expert in relationships with ten years experience. I love helping others to found the key to a healthy relationship. Also, many of my customers say that the sexual activities increase since they know me.

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Hello my name is SaphireLight. I have been doing readings since 2010. I use a wide variety of cards as well as runes to suit your specific needs. I will also help give you messages from your angels as well.

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Natural born ninth generation psychic went over 18 years of experience specializing in love and relationship.

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I love reading other people and would like to read you inside out. It is my passion and I ail never lie to you

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I'm a big fan of star signs and I believe what the books say about your sign. I especially like to see who is compatible with who.

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I have been doing this since i was 11 and im now 21 and my favorite reading is when it has to do with love and relationships.

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I have always seen and felt the needs of others very well. For almost 20 years now I have been helping friends and family find the answers to the questions they have with the help of my cards.

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