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I have been a professional psychic and spiritual coach since 2009. My style is direct, empowering, comforting, supportive and educational. My readings are based on one's growth, and willingness to change their perception for the better whether it concerns relationships, spiritual insight, life path, stress, or insecurities. Awareness and clarity is my motto because with it comes the power to see through mental or emotional blockages.

Personal number 0669


I have been doing readings and healings for lil over 14 years.i have lived in many places though out the u.s mastering my gift.Helping others from all walks of life. I studied for many years to help guide others though there spiritual journeys.Allowing then to the knowledge they need and the understanding if there destiny and there own energy. Teaching them to keep themselves healthy.

Personal number 3855


I learned my spiritual gift at very young age & 99.9% of the Time I'm always accurate I've always. been 100% honest whit what I see from person I'm reading & I like to go into deep in spiritually mine Body and soul and I liked to Confront the situation What some positivity because the body is the temple And I like to use my gifts to purified the body that is the temple and to open up our third eye and see the world into a Different View

Personal number 9806


Greetings all! Welcome to my profile I specialize in tarot reading and have been blessed with this gift since childhood. I'm delighted to help you all seek answers and provide comfort for your deepest needs.

Personal number 6865


Hey my name is Britney!. I am 20 years old and very much into the psychic world. About 4 years ago, I have realized I have the ability to contact with spirit and from then, I've been doing it for some friends and myself. I self taught myself on Tarot, crystals eat. Id love to hear from you!


I have always had a gift for knowing what was going to happen before it happens. Not too much surprises me. I don't know where it came from, or where my natural ability to heal came from either. I may not be able to heal you with my ability without being in person, however I will give you the answers to what the future may hold. I also am very well studied in the art of using holistic or natural medicine. I look forward to being your guide and helping you move forward.

Personal number 9791


I am a tarot card reader and have been reading professionally for about a year. I love helping people by using my tarot cards and giving them answers they need to move forward in their lives. I discovered I was a psychic and able to read the tarot cards about 4 years ago and decided to use my ability to help others.

Personal number 7099


I have been a love psychic for 2 years. I have done hundreds of readings and love my client's receiving clarity on their lives. I love helping people get clarity around love and future love!

Personal number 3398