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Ancient Indian Sanskrit chants, rituals and beads are used to establish connections with spirits in the after life, hear messages about what the future may hold for you and submit requests to higher powers. Following Hindu practices, karma and yoga, with over ten years of experience, readings provide accuracy and relief. This is not just a psychic reading, but a chance to talk to a friend who will listen to you in your time of need. 97% of clients end their session with a peace of mind.

Personal number 2406


Hi my name is goddessoflight I have been a fluent prationer in the arts of tarot reading providing generalised and in-depth readings also efficient in Charles cleansed and aurora and Oracle healing


We all have been through a lot in life. Whether it may be a childhood experience, or something more recent. Sometimes it's hard to handle, which causes coping strategies to put our coping on hold. After a while we realize the way we're handling everyday situations has become difficult. Let me help you figure out what is causing this stress, let's get answers.

Personal number 2436


I am a focussed reader. General readings give general answers. I am an heredatry psychic, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. I specialise in love and relationships and I can give clear clarity and guidance to help you through. To help give you reassurance and peace of mind.I have been reading for over 30 years.


once speaking to me in your reading i try to give all clients a true understanding and a good understanding and a good feeling after speaking to me i offer a better understanding about a range of topics including love careers friendships...(etc) i work with people i read auras and personality's i use that all along my readings and i will always be 100% and will do my best for you as my customer to always feel content after speaking to me

Personal number 4591


Personal number 2136


Growing up it was obvious I have a special connection to nature. In my teenage life I came across the term "green witch" and realised it fit me perfectly. I love natural healing/medicines and spells, and nature of all kind. As a moonchild, or a cancer, I feel very connected to the ocean and the moon. I've also been reading tarot since my childhood, taught to me by my aunt, and I even have two cards tattooed on me! I feel very passionately about my craft.

Personal number 2691


USA Psychic with a gypsy background. Specializing in tarot cards, insight on love and relationships, reiki healing, and intuitiveness for the future. I have been practicing for almost a decade with much of my clientele being A list celebrities. Strong focus on all things money and love related.