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With 15 yrs of experience, Garrett uses his naturally gifted talents to provide insight into your life's dilemmas. Providing readings worldwide using energies, vibrations, and clairvoyance delivering accurate messages, Garrett uses no tools! With a straight humorous therapeutic approach, Garrett succinctly reads with brutal honesty. Lucas only needs bits of specific information and a focus question to connect. What you NEED to hear is delivered with a comforting style. Call Garrett now!

Personal number 1924


Compassion and intuition guide my readings. At a young age my mother told me about my grandmother from the old country, her abilities in second sight. In my thirties I started channeling my abilities and found great solace there. I am here for those needing guidance, clairity of insight or closure Chakra healing, Reiki, Love spells Crystal & Stones/ tarot readings

Personal number 8311


I had endured a lot of pain and confusion during my childhood and I found myself really struggling with what my purpose was or the purpose of anything for that matter. I noticed the patterns in my life and began taking in all the spiritual history and knowledge I could. I discovered that my ability to empathize with people and tap into all sorts of energy was profound. And the most meaningful thing I can do is share that with others. Chat for some insight spiritually mentally and emotionally.

Personal number 0250


I use holistic practices to help my clients develop balance, spiritual awakening, peace, and insight.

Personal number 3798


Personal number 2708


I have always had psychic abilities. Even as a child I could predict big events, read people on how they were truly feeling, and even able to help guide people to follow their path. I am especially passionate about what I do and making sure I help people reach enlightenment and follow their truth.

Personal number 2634


True Readings -100% Highly Accurate Spiritual Advisor - Results Each time with accurate predictions and timelines as well. Specializing in love & Relationships, Career & Finance. General, very near past, present,future current life readings. With over 18 yrs pro exp, I connect with all. My readings are very truthful, straightforward, real & to the point. I am a spiritual life reader who helps people navigate through their current life situations and keeping them up to date on near future events.

Personal number 7417


Hello blessed one, I'm so glad you've found me. I first discovered my gifts as a young woman, and have been evolving and unlocking them ever since. I give intuitive tarot readings, am a master level Reiki Practitioner energy healer, and am able to communicate with spirit. I would be honored to offer my services to you and guide you through your journey. May the light in me honor the light in you.

Personal number 9714