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Herbal Healing deck used. A special deck from my yogi sister. We both teach yoga and have been spiritual all our lives. I've had dreams that have come into real life. A natural empath I can feel others feelings and help guide them in the direction they need.

Personal number 6034


Hello, I am Divine Nikki Psychic Consultant. As a psychic advisor, I demonstrate my abilities as a clairvoyant by attuning myself into a high frequency of shared positive energy with you. I approach all of my psychic readings with love, encouragement, and compassion. Additionally, I often use the power of tarot or angel card readings to heighten your personal psychic reading experience. So contact me today to receive the answers you need to be an extraordinary you.


I'm a Priestess, Diviner, and energy healer. I've had clairvoyance, claircognizance, and energy healing gifts my whole life. I've become a Reiki practitioner a year ago and am certified and on their association. Reiki heals on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. I enhance this healing with crystals. I can talk to your spirit guides and ancestors directly to help guide you. I also use Tarot and Oracle cards to channel those messages and give healing recommendations for you to do solo.

Personal number 3929


Personal number 6686


Spiritual healing can be scary, but the universe tends to use us all as tools for success. Through my healing I see you as the universe sees you, we are all destined for greatness and self-fulfillment and through the mediums of tarot I can assist you to higher ascension.

Personal number 3511


Personal number 8996


Hi I'm Medina I have been a psychic reader for the over past 20 years in which I have always had a sense of these abilities and started to develop them in later life. My readings are in depth and experienced in helping to deal with a wide variety including emotional aspirational and your reading with me will be truthful, understanding and confidential. The best times to call is during the weekdays/weekends, early mornings/afternoons. Please feel free to call me

Personal number 1383


My name is Jo, I read Tarot and pendulums as well as perform small rituals. I enjoy helping people to find their path and heal from traumas.

Personal number 2863