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I am a single mother who since i was a child notice i was different and ike so much the outdoors .Then as i got older i started notice a gift that i had. In dreams and in faces that i would see and could define characteristics about them.

Personal number 5105


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Personal number 6538


Hello, my lovely. My name is Masha Zoe, and I am a wiccan who comes from a family of psychics. I can read tarot cards, the stars but my favourite thing to do is to help and heal spiritual and emotional pain with the aid of spells, herbs, essential oils and crystals. I can't wait to hear from you, blessed be.

Personal number 0134


Hello my name is Avana and I love reading and connecting with people - it has always been a way of life for me. Using my selection of Angel Cards is the perfect way to connect to your celestial friends, asking the angels for guidance, wisdom and love throughout life. My aim is to help, heal and offer compassion in times of need. We will start your reading by selecting a deck of Angel Cards from my collection. I look forward to welcoming you with a positive energy and calming nature.

Personal number 3425


I have been in practice for 2 years, I currently work full time at a tarot reading business. And I would love to provide me gift further I specialize in love and relationship, I have helped so many people.

Personal number 4644


Hello my name is psychic jazmine I have over 10 years of experience my gift was passed down to me at a young age from my mother and her mother passed it on to her and so on and so forth.. I am a very nonjudgmental psychic I seek to help you when your lost and helping you find your way is my top priority when we speak we will connect on different spiritual levels please contact me for a reading thank you MUCH BLESSINGS

Personal number 2562


Hi, I have good intuition and a 6th sense.I am a warm person easy to talk to.I use Tarot sometimes. I love to talk and I am a people person.Please don't hesitate to come by and chat.I know I can help you.I will help with any issue you want to tackle I also am a life coach.I so look forward to talking with you.Love and Sunshine is the ultimate destination..I will try to get you there x

Personal number 0102


Hi I'm Angel and I'm 43. I've been reading tarot cards for 28 years now. I believe in giving an honest and down to earth reading. Ask me a question and I shuffle as we talk then deal the cards. I'm sorry but I can't answer questions dealing with health, legal or pregnancy related issues. Are you wanting to know about love ? Ask me? Finances? Ask me. Job issues? Ask me. I'll try my best to deliver what you ask about. .

Personal number 2287