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Hello. My name is KoraLee. You can call me Kora. My psychic gift is something I've have since I was very young. I can help you determine your best path for your deepest desires.

Personal number 5221


I have been able to help individuals to achieve their dreams for the past 10 years. I am the listener, friend that one needs in their time of need. I can help you to reach your next level of success. Lets chat. Let me help motivate you.

Personal number 5492


I was born with the gift of knowledge for love and relationships. I'm fun to talk to, young and quirky. Promise I will make your day better.

Personal number 9780


I am spiritually inclined and intuitive. I study the power of energy both good and bad. If you need insight, confirmation or a sense of direction come and talk to me.

Personal number 3774


Hello there friends I'm here to help you with any questions about your life and problems and concerns. I have been doing readings to help people first the last 12 years. With help from the angels I'm going to make sure your positives continues throughout your life and career.

Personal number 8911


You ask and I shall answer. I am here to give you advice, it is up to you to use that knowledge and make the right choice

Personal number 8234


I am an intuitive psychic and advisor that can guide you through any and all life's situations; love ,career,faith ,and family. I've been given this gift from my great grandmother who was influenced by Ms Laveau. I help provide and protect clients with the guidance and clarity they need. I have the answers you need. I offer various readings,spells, and cleansing. Spells that can bring you what you want. I also host Past,present,future candle meditation.

Personal number 1368


I have always known I have had this connection with the spiritual world and through meditation and continued practice, I have become confident in my abilities and in my ability to help others. If you need some guidance, reassurance, help with certain aspects of life, like work and relationships or just general information, I can help you. I use various tarot cards and guidance from spirit and the angels in my readings, I will only ever give a reading if I feel I can truly help.

Personal number 1907