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Personal number 8694


Hello all you beings! :)) Im Glasshouse. I am spiritual reader, I use cards to help you to find out where you are going, what you want and who you want ;) Relationship readings, past present and future readings, work readings and many others. For the full reading, I suggest booking a one hour slot with me for the most accurate reading possible. I am here to help! Please be patient as not everything is a yes and no answer, there are no quick fixes but answer to get you to where you wanna go :) xx


I knew i was spiritually talented starting around age 7. Growing up my mother was spiritually talented, She did everything in front of me and very boldly. I knew what i was doing without her asking. One day she sent me to get 10 different color Candles out of 20 different Candles and didnt tell me the specific colors she needed, I brought every single color she needed with no question and she was so shocked. Ever since then i used my gift in ways i can't explain. This is my GIFT from God.

Personal number 2608


Ive studied mystic sciences abroad for over a decade. I discovered my abilities from a woman I ended up marrying

Personal number 3456


Hello my Dears! I am Sinead and I can't wait to chat with you! I am an Empath which means I have a very strong understanding of your emotions. If you ever need any one to just chat who totally understands how you are feeling then I am your gal ;) Need advice? Want to know what your future holds? Or maybe you just want to hear your horoscope? Either way I am sure you will enjoy our chat just as much as I will! Much love- Sinead

Personal number 2790


I am a gifted intuitive psychic with almost thirty years of experience. Currently I work with crystals, a pendulum and intuitively. I also read tarot and oracle.


sweet smart funny im a open book you can talk to me and anything and i mean anything no matter how hard it is


Hello, I'm Alex. I am an empath, and I always felt like I was little bit magical.Through tarot, I improved my life, I enhanced my intuitive abilities, and I found my calling. Tarot is my passion. I am solely focused on expanding my abilities by helping others through tarot. I can provide the guidance and answers you need regarding love & relationships, family, emotional healing, career, and more. I will always provide you with honest answers and a safe, caring, and nonjudgmental environment.