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Do not be afraid. The process of transformation that you are going through is a part of eternal growth. I will help you along that journey. I will help you find the answers that you seek, the answers that are already within you.


Hi I read people tones and vibes I don't read people's ghosts but I can tell you if you have different paths to choose from or if your lover is really worth it your heart and soul are connected to your aura and I fully believe that we can make those harder decisions tougher.


Hi I am Lola. I am a big spirited empath. I specialize in delivering messages in a caring yet direct fashion. I am experienced in Tarot, Oracle, Pendulum, Dream interpretation, and am a Reiki Master. I offer well rounded guidance and would be happy to help you gain insight today!


I have a sixth sense when it comes to know and reading people and their feelings. I am an empath that draws from the stars.


I have many many special abilities. I love to read people and see what future is held for them. What secrets need to come to light and who doesn't need to be in your life anymore.


Hello- I've been involved with the Wiccan faith since I was a child. I come from a family of tarot card readers and it was something that was instilled in me young. I want to help you in your everyday life.


Intuition has always been my greatest gift but my true abilities blossomed when I was a young girl. I yearned to help others and share my gifts in order to bring love to the world. I've been practicing with these gifts ever since.


I am able to predict your wildest fantasies and your dreams that are soon to come! Don't be afraid I welcome all!