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I'm a 4th generation psychic as well as certified life coach & have helped people from all over the world. Channeling is also something I offer. I have the ability to see and feel what others are thinking to give clarity. I'm very passionate about helping others and have helped thousands over the last 20 years with my abilities. Please come to me with an open mind and ready to hear the truth be it good or bad. I'd love to help give you guidance, clarity & peace of mind that you deserve.

Personal number 1472


Hello! My name is Amber, and I have been raised as a witch my entire life. My family is made up of psychics, and because of this, I have had nearly two decades of lessons and am very reliable. Each of my readings are personalized for your needs so that you understand the answers to your questions thoroughly. While answers from tarot or other mediums are not always straight forward, I will give you many explanations and prompt you to find your true answers. Thank you so much.

Personal number 7772


I am first and foremost, an empath. I soak up the energy around me, and I quickly know how people are feeling just by listening to their voice or being near them, *even when someone is far away.I am also well-versed in astrology, numerology, and tarot. I am the person people come to with their problems, because I am a natural therapist-except I don't write things down, and I don't judge. Speaking with me is much better than therapy! Disclaimer: If you like being lied to, I'm not the one.


The most prominent example of a psychic ability can be experienced by a psychic looking at a person and seeing an aura. You will see all the physical attributes of a person, including their hair, their face, and their eyes. But sometimes you can see a bright aura around a person. It may be thick or it may be thin, and the chances are it's hovering above their heads.

Personal number 7287


Personal number 2551


Hi my names is Sadity I'm 24 years old I have practice psychic for 6 years I was 19 when I first discovered I had a gift ... I love giving a open hand to give a lil more insider on people relations or any other obstacles that might be occurring .

Personal number 3509


My name is Star. Since I was a little girl I felt that I was different to the other children. I could feel things that I couldn' t see. You can actually speak to me and have a one to one reading. I specialise in my own universal card reading method incorporating one major and one minor card.


My specialism, regarding to my phychic abilities and expertise is dealing with love, lust, desiring about what's all around you and what you'll truly take in from your feelings that comes from within yourself. Yourself, which is you, which was you from the very beginning and it will still be you at the end. That reason happened was because you have to love your inner being-self before you start to love another person. I'm sorry I had to stop. I almost wrote a journal, but Hi there! Try a chat!

Personal number 2449