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As a psychic medium, I demonstrate my abilities as a clairaudient, clairvoyant attuning myself to the spirit world. I radiate truth and integrity in all of my work, and am sincerely devoted to my work with spirit. My intention is to help others on their spiritual journey through spiritual education and enlightenment. With the help of my red Indian spirit guide let me help you communicate with lost loved ones and also use tarot to advise of future encounters. Love and light Bonnie

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Hello, I've been able to foresee love and in the worst case, it's tragic endings most of my adult life. I discovered my psychic abilities early into adulthood knowing love would never find me. I could help love find others with powerful guidance.

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Hello My name is Maddness and I am a Psychic but I lean more toward being a Spiritual Coach. Yes I am here to tell you about all of the things life has to offer you but I am also here to tell you what you must to to stay on the path to leading a happy life. Or maybe or life isnt so happy I am here to help you get on the right path.

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If you are struggling with family, and are looking for guidance that puts into perspective your role in your family's dynamic, I will look with you. There are no perfect families, so why not look to also see what good things are coming in your family! Find out if there will be new babies born, and celebrations to attend! I do not look to see death, so I ask that you refrain from asking me about your relatives passing. Only God knows the time and the circumstance.

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I discovered that i had psychic abilities from a young age when i began to give people advice without knowing their problems, i could tell through their aura and their presence. By phone i can tell by tone of voice when telling me the problems what may be the best cause of acton but also what the future may hold.

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I'm able to read people's energy and give them very helpful advice and i can usually predict a big oncoming event that can be useful to someone

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Well hello there. Since a young age, I have been brought up arounf the magical ways of mediums, tarot cards and astrology. Being a daughter to a clairvoyant, I definitely know a lot. Come to me if you would like to know an in depth evaluation of your life, your star sign, and your future

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I'm a Usui Reiki Master, Realm Reader and intuitive tarot card reader. I am a relationship expert when it comes to the cards and can answer all of your burning questions. Also, being a Reiki Master, I can help you heal any physical or mental aliments. When can use this energy to open up your intuition or work in conjunction with your medical practitioner to help heal your on going illness.

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