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I have been intuitive for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid I could close my eyes, focus... and just know things. I have spoken with deceased, I have seen them as well. I've always just known things were going to happen before they happen.


Hi, I'm brownie everything about me is natural, spiritual, and kind. My earthly skills runs completely off the earth and it's surroundings. I've been in practice for 10 years. I specialize in love, spiritual readings, and how to open up and let your natural being self take over to live a more prosperous life.


When I was younger, I was afraid of my gifts, I didn't know what they meant. I Would try to hide myself from the world. I always told myself, if I only change one life all the sacrifices would be worth it. In that time I have changed the lives of many. I look forward to growing, so I can change many more. I still recieve thank you's, from many that I have helped. It brings me great joy. I will continue to help those in need. I will continue to use my gifts to change lives for the better.



I believe I have a strong talent ability to help interpret dreams by searching deep within yourself to understand your subconscious. I believe all our relationships, illnesses, spiritual affairs are all connected and ultimately connected to your subconscious. When you take the time to dive deep into some areas that may not always be comfortable, you will be shocked to find someone is the most interesting parts of yourself hidden away. Don't feel embarrassed to seek help, I am here to help.


Hello Mercy888 her to give service to you! I do short readings to full life readings which could last up to an hour i tell whats to come in your weeks to months to years ahead of you just let me know. I also answer one question texts as well so call or text you will receive your answers.I do love and relationship readings, want answers from your guardian angels/spirit guides I can help with that by using my gifts to tap in and receive the messages ment for only you. 6 years of experience!!


I am a 3rd generation prophetess,clairvoyant born with a caul on a July night in the French Quarter of New Orleans,Louisiana. I am the 3rd child in three generations to have My gammy was a local folk hero for her work as a healer and medium in the South who was well known for helping find missing women with her gift. I matured in my gift at her knee, b4 leaving to fulfill my calling as a faith healer in Africa & South America. My gift is powerful, and burns in me like fire shut up in my bones...


Over 10 years of reading people's energy or even sharing important messages/details from those who have passed. Natural abilities to connection with ones spirit. If you do not indeed, don't be afraid to ask.