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I am a college student who has extensively studied the more... paranormal side of things. I frequently consult with other entities to guide my life and so I will do the same for you! My third eye is incredibly strong. Some say I have a gift, and it would be selfish of me to not share that gift.

Personal number 5171


Hello I am Horatio! I do Love and relationship readings from a Man's perspective. I also advise on career and job issues. I am naturally gifted. However, I do Lenmorand readings upon request.

Personal number 3636


Hello my name is CaliJames and i have have had these special abilities since i was 5. with the help of my supported family and friends i have developed my abilities to help others like you!

Personal number 3662


I've been reading tarot for the last 10 years along side spiritual advisor. I am here to give insight to the questions you may have and guide you to a more spiritually fulfilling life.

Personal number 0601


Hello and thank you for clicking on my page, I have been a spiritual reader for over 10 years now the gift has been passed on from generation to generation. I do palm, tarot, and love readings. I help with all situations in life such as career, finance, close friends, and family. I also work with Crystals and candles over the phone and after to clear your's (and a person involved in the reading) energy. If your Lost and confused in life, not sure about your job Give me a call!

Personal number 3503


I am a very experienced psychic that has been practicing for the past 10 years. I can help you get the answers you desperately seek and help you connect with loved ones who are no longer here.

Personal number 4888


Have you ever felt like you were stuck. Like you were drowning? Like no one is there for you? Well I am. Advice, shoulder to cry on, a sounding board; that is what I'm here for. And more :)

Personal number 7879


I began teaching myself the ways of astrology and tarot about five years ago. My energy is always in tune when I'm shuffling, I can feel the aura of who I'm connecting to. Likewise with astrology, I like to believe I am good with picking up the vibe of someone after some conversation. I like to speak softly, and create a dark atmosphere before I do a reading. Think of it as relaxing ASMR.

Personal number 2360