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I always seemed to know I had special abilities. I have always been in tune with my surroundings. I really started practicing about two years ago. That's when I really realized I could help others. My friends were so have with what I was able to tell them.


Hey love I've been a psych for about 4 years now I learned about my ability at a kids birthday party weird right that's what I said any way my abilities include: Remote Viewing Second light Telepathy And many more so please come have a reading with me and see what's in store for you


Personal number 7025


Hi I'm Tasha. I'm a Intuitive Tarot and Angel card Reader. I have many years experience giving Insightful and Accurate readings. I am a good listener and non-judgemental. I can look into Love, Career, or general readings and will provide the clarity and insights you are searching for. Call me now for a professional and thoughtful reading.


I've always had excellent senses of people and surroundings. It started as a toddler, I envisioned my sister wearing yellow pajamas, playing in the corridor of our house, only to oneday realize this vision t true. I consult people through voice communication. In my experience I allow my troubled friend to really share their thoughts, maybe even their emotions?. Energy is not created or destroyed but is transferred from one form to another. My positivity rubs off on those that need it. YEAH???


I have 3 years experience as a natural gifted clairvoyant, psychic and medium. My readings are genuine, honest and direct! I will tell you as i sees it, although it may not be what you want to hear. But it will help you make the right decision. As soon as you speak to Me you will feel that you are speaking to a genuine psychic.


Hello, i am Orianna, i am 54 years old. I am a psychic with a third eye. I am a Reiki Master, sage and oracle. I believe in Angels, i have done since my teens. I am a gypsy. With my Third Eye i can read between lines said. I read Angel cards and my gypsy cards,over 20yrs experience. If you would like a Card Reading or just a chat about a situation that you are in, or advice needed, just talk to me and i will see what i can do.