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I have had a high spiritual connection for as long as I can remember. I have even been told stories of how I saw and spoke with spirits as a toddler. My abilities used to scare me, but as I learned to embrace them, I have been more at peace and have been able to help other with my gifts.


You'll be treated with respect and kindness I will always ask if the reading is re-estimating with you I trust my own intuition when I'm reading tarot. I do mainly general readings however cards can be shown as more prominent than others. I'll tune into your energy and vibrations when i give a reading as this is really important so we can get a clear reading/guidance.


Chat for a good time! Love talking about astrology. I have clairvoyant tendencies but I am looking to channel into that more. It's a work in progress! Help me practice what I love to do. I have amazing availability!


'PsychicSherry' Relationship/Marriage Advice...Love specialist twin flames and soul mates life readings past present and future ...Unlocks your potential to seek answers. Specializes in: Love, Money, Life Path Family Carrer Marrige .Guides you toward a better understanding of life. Uses astrology to reveal your true life path. Helps you look forward to your life as it unfolds. Relates to you on a spiritual and emotional level.


No question is off limits, nobody's mind is out of reach. Find your answers and the guidance you seek today...achieving complete clarity and all your goals is one phone call away. I'm a professional Astrologer, Psychic and Tarot reader. When I was much younger it used to scare me and make me feel lonely because I saw and understood things that no one else did, then, the more I used my powers to help others the more "the gap" of loneliness inside me was being filled with joy and light.


Hello I'm Sarah Grey and I am excited to chat with you! We've all have a hard time with Love & Relationships and I'm here for you! What can I do for you today? I can make you feel better and I look forward to your success!

Personal number 8431


I come from a long line psychics and remember my first experience at five years old. Let Many Beautiful ANGELS guide and help you with ANGELS HELPING HANDS... Specializing in love and relationships Know what he/she is feeling and if this is the right relationship for your highest good.


PSYCHIC JAZZMINE Jazzmine has been reading for 25 years she is Empathic and Clairvoyant and uses the Tarot Cards Palm Readings and Crystal Ball to get an over all detailed Psychic picture of your life. She helps with love career health and family issues. No problem is to big or small for Jazzmine to see. With compassion she can set you on the right road for a better life.