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I have always known I have had this connection with the spiritual world and through meditation and continued practice, I have become confident in my abilities and in my ability to help others. If you need some guidance, reassurance, help with certain aspects of life, like work and relationships or just general information, I can help you. I use various tarot cards and guidance from spirit and the angels in my readings, I will only ever give a reading if I feel I can truly help.

Personal number 1907


Hello, I am available to talk to you about your fears and woes, your abilities and your demises I do not repend. I am the Psychic THERION and I can give Wisdom to all kinds of Events. Thank you for viewing my page.

Personal number 6451


I have been practicing as a clairvoyant and empath for 9 years, I first became aware of my abilities at young age whilst visiting my grandmother in palliative care. My grandmother had told me a story about my mother, my mother was flabbergasted when I told her because grandma was unresponsive and no one had ever told me that story. I can convey a message from/to someone in the spiritual world, I can also tune into connections between humans and sense intentions (not animals, sorry.)

Personal number 3587


Hello and welcome! My name is Briar, and I am a clairvoyant with a heart for tarot readings and astrology. I discovered my affinity and connection to the metaphysical realm at the tender age of seven. Ever since, I have dedicated years to developing my abilities and honing my craft. My greatest desire now is to help others with the gifts I have been given, and I hope you give me a call so that I can do just that for you. All of my love to you, and Blessed Be.

Personal number


My gift: high emotional intelligence with high spiritual enlightenment. I am able to connect the dots, notice and understand things that the everyday person does not. All my life, I have been shown things the everyday person cannot. This has turned me into a really good life/relationship coach. Speak to me. Let it all out. I will give you the help you seek. Note: I will NOT lie to you just because that is what you want to hear. I will tell you the truth as sympathetically as I can x

Personal number 8478


Uncertain about the future or where your present is leading you? Is your love life leading nowhere? You have come to the right place. Try me out and you may just find the right track. Give me a call to find solutions to a fuzzy or uncertain future.

Personal number 4310


I am a cancer and live and breathe my emotions. I am an empath by nature as well which helps me to read the cards and help people with their love and relationships because I am able to feel what you are feeling.

Personal number 2273


Hello, I am Autumn, and I have always been spiritual. I have been practicing healing and divination for many years. I would love to help you feel better, and answer your questions. I read Tarot Cards, Angel Cards, Goddess Cards, Mother Mary Cards, and I can give guidance about your questions, including Love and Relationships. I am also a Usui Reiki Master, attuned to Holy Fire, and I am able to send you distance Reiki, which will help you to relax, and heal. .

Personal number 5593