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Salutations my friend, I am Kisa Goethe. I am from St. Helena, South Carolina. We are known for different practices and healings far back to the 1600s. As it seems these practices and even skills have been passed down into ky blood. I was born with special senses, and with time and practice I learned I am able to help and assist individuals in need. So please, do not hesitate to let me assist you.

Personal number 3522


Hi I'm jolene and I am gifted with ability to speak to loved ones who is waiting to pass on a message for you . I have had this ability since I was a young woman and never been wrong yet. I want to help your loved ones guide you on the right path in life. Why don't you give me a call today.

Personal number 1176


Have all your answers on love, destiny, future, past. 100% very professional, trusted, and gifted, and fun mind reader. Talk to psychic before you go psycho. Been this way all my life. Started to notice how I was always right. This information by no means is to get a medical diagnosis, Psychological diagnosis. This is just for entertainment purposes. If by reason what has been revealed to you is true and accurate then I have successfully done my job as a professional psychic. Thanks.

Personal number 9276


Honest, Empathic 5th generation psychic. Natural problem solver. Love and Life are not written in stone; let me help you find your way to where you want to be. Anything is possible if you want it badly enough. I read Tarot and Angel cards to get an accurate view of your situation.

Personal number 2109


Experienced psychic whose abilities are so great I've provided services for free. I work with celebrities, I've guest appeared on television shows and I am international.

Personal number 8454


My mission is to bring forth news and setting dreams to a reality. I am a intuitive reader here to help anyone on their spiritual journey. Love and light

Personal number 1933


Hello! I am a clairaudient psychic who uses spirit guides to connect with the 5th dimension. I use remote viewing and always use tarot to confirm the messages received. Please note that while in a reading with me there will be brief pauses so that I may hear the spirit I am communicating with. I apologize if this happens, it can be tricky to listen to everyone at once. If you are comfortable with past life regression, I am able to help guide you. The choice is yours! I can't wait to help out!

Personal number 4833


I have been a spiritualist medium for over 30 years I give guidance to people that need it. I believe that people should always try to think positive even if they live in a negative world I feel that you can manifest anything within your life if you just have patience and self belief.

Personal number 0886