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Is your lover distancing there self from you. I know why call me Does your partner feel the same way u do call me . Does she like me like that ,just call me ill give u all the answers.

Personal number 1001



Hi my name is Madame Anna I have over 25 years of experience helping people all around the world would love held success whatever day your heart desires call me today and I will help you with whatever you're looking for in your life I have no people all over the world I have clients all over the world that still call me call me today and I can change your life

Personal number 6343



I have been given this gift from such an early age. I never really understood what it all meant, but now as I've gotten older I understand I was given this gift to pass on messages to people that seek answers. By channeling these wonderful gifts I have been blessed with I can help you seek those answers. Do you have questions? I've got what you're looking for. I specialise in Love & Relationships. Guidance. Work & Personal Relationships. Angel Cards. Healing.

Personal number 3641


With over 20 years of experience discover your path for love and those who belong in it. Helped thousands of people find love and make decisions that will lead to ultimate happiness. Come connect to your path.

Personal number 6923


I am Ishan. I am Psychic Clairvoyant, a Vedic astrologer and I offer Vedantic spiritual guidance and healing. I became aware of my gift from a very young age and I have over 10 years experience in providing readings to an international clientele. I specialise in love and relationships and also career. I devote myself to providing clarity to my clients regarding their current situations and I have studied under many spiritual masters from the Asian continent.

Personal number 4367


I have been practicing as a pscychic for the past five years.I am able to give you guidance on your spiritual journey through life.Contact me to discover secrets and hidden truths just waiting to be revealed.

Personal number 2217