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Life can be challenging! Since 2013, I deliver angelic messages of hope and guidance through inner consciousness. I will help you reconnect with your spiritual self. I use tarot and angel cards, as well as my intuition to connect with spirits and deliver insightful readings. I specialize in relationships, career, and deep questionnings. I am here to provide clarity to find your true path.


Let me help put your mind at ease. & guide you in the path your destined to be i promise with my reading you wont end the call disappointed. I aim to reach you and if you aren't satisfied i will keep trying

Personal number 6416


I found my psychic abilities when I was young. People would come to me for advice and emotional support and I would guide them towards happiness. Lots of people enjoyed my presence and enjoyed the fact that I would make sense in their situation. They would go out and if they did exactly as I told them it would fix their situation.

Personal number 2816


I have always felt like I could help people. From a teenager, I sensed things from people without them telling me. When someone is harboring something I can figure it out. If you need spiritual healing, I can help. If you need love and relationship advice I can help.

Personal number 9549


I am Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I started being able to connect with my psychic abilities from a very young age. My family have been gifted with psychic abilities for generations and we truly believe that it makes up a considerable part of who we are as people. I have had the amazing opportunity of meeting family members whom I never could have met when they were alive, and reconnecting with lost loved ones over the past few years. Always open and always honest.

Personal number 6652


Self taught in the mysteries of tarrot and utilizing my medium abilities you will have a unique and genuine experience. My cards can offer you life advice and set a clearer perspective to which path to take to ensure you are living your best life.


As child and now I have dreams and serious feelings of deja vu as those dreams came to pass months later. I could recite dialogue word for word before it was said..when I was 13 I found that the colours around people I had always seen was actually their auras and I automatically know within 3 minutes of meeting someone if they are a bad person or good...just by talking to someone or hearing their voice I get visions feelings of what may lie ahead for them depending on the path they choose


Hello and welcome to my profile. My name is Dee and I have been doing psychic readings for 10 years now, I feel energies, from a young age I was always very sensitive to peoples feelings and had very vivid dreams. The older I get the stronger I feel with my talent, especially when it comes to serious matters of the heart.

Personal number 2670