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Hello I'm Maria I am a natural born psychic with 14 years experience I discoverd my gift at the Age of 11 ever since iv been helping people around the world useing my abilities guideing them on the right path showing them there reason of life I specialize in love/ relationship/marriage/career /etc

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Growing up with sensitive parents I received the gift of sight at a very young age. I see things before they happen...i know things I wish i didnt. But this gift has brought me great joy and great pain. Knowing is half the battle.

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Hello everyone I am very pleasant and excited to meet you all. I'm more than delighted to tell you a lot more about you and whats against you and how we can fix that with simple easy steps that will take you to your designated path of happiness and clarity.

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Hello everyone! I am a married Puerto Rican woman with two children. I have been working with my ancestors since I could remember. I think that I realized I was psychic around 7 years old. And I watched my mother do readings for about 20 years before I started myself. My ancestors can answer any of your yes or no questions, and my services with them are very accurate. They will not let you down! ;)

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My name is Nikki Brewers and I've been a practicing clairvoyant for over seven years. My belief, is that we all possess the gift to read and sense the energy around us. I want to merely be a guide to push you towards your own abilities. The human mind is a stubborn beast, so we must work together to help you unlock what it prevents you from seeing. All I ask is that you be prepared for the journey. Blessings.

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I figured out i was psychic in the 5th grad when i had a vision that my brother would get into a fight at school with his friend. I tried to warn my brother that him & his friend were going to end up fighting but my brother didn't believe me. The next day my brother & his friend had fought & got suspended from school.

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I mainly use Tarot and Oracle cards when reading for others. I also use a pendulum, runes, tea readings, scrying, and palmistry to name a few. born with what seems to be one foot in the spirit world I have always been able to sense and often times see spirits around me.I communicate openly with my guides and I am very skilled at picking up spirits in homes. My purpose for taking this path in life is to help others in any way I can. I look forward to speaking with you.

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