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Extensive knowledge of your situation is not necessary, only your name and the topic you wish to discuss. A reading will provide information for multiple outcomes based on the choices you make, you get to decide which path you take and guide your own destiny. Katherine has over 15 years of experience as a spiritual advisor and psychic. An ordained minister and healer, Katherine is dedicated to helping people create their own paths through knowledge.

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Welcome! I am a young spiritualist who discovered that my natural compassion and empathy were connected to something much greater than myself. I get to know those I speak with and through that connection can help guide them to truth, release, or the next step in the journey we are all taking together. Come to me with an open mind and an open heart and let's explore together, free of judgment, to seek the guidance and comfort you need. With Love, Helia

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I have been an advisor and Life Coach for several services over the last 11 years. I am clairscentient, specializing in love and romance, breaking up and divorce, cheating and affairs, past life readings and connections, psychic readings, custom tarot readings, spiritual guidance, life and love coach. I have NO judgment, bring me your questions and get real and compassionate answers.

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I am 22 years old, fun to talk to. I discovered my psychic abilities a while back at my younger age. If you need anything, just message me & never hesitate :-)

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Hello everyone! Thanks for visiting my page. I have been doing tarot card readings for people since I was a kid! I use tarot cards for all my readings to help guide me with my predictions. Sometimes the tarot cards also reveal things going on that is not related to your question, but I believe in being honest and telling you everything I find out. Feel free to contact me for help with any of your questions... love,money, family, I promise to provide clarity.

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I've been reading tarot for 12 years . I've developed this gift at a early age . I learn something knew everyday about tarot reading , but the most important part is healing people and bringing clarity to my clients trust in my PROCESS..

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I rely on my auras which are constantly surrounding me and can vibe through people as I gage into the person through the energy putting into texting or looking at them.

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