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I discovered the gift when I was 5 years old. I can see the future simply by closing my eyes and getting to know someone better


im a happy person almost 100% of the time, love travel, food, i love sushi, sports, love hugs and kissing, im fanatic for pretty hands and tall boys


Hello, Thank you for you interest, and taking your time to look in to me and my works, My name is Radha and I from a long line of Hindi pundits, I am a 5th generational grand daughter, I was born with a divine sprit I want to use my gift to guide you spiritually and mentally, no matter the issue I do specialise in matters of the heart, the things that matter the most to you I can feel and connect to, I always want you to believe in your self and know god is watching you... May God Bless You All.


I realize my psychic abilities in college after relationship with a guy. I've been practicing since then and I have been helping my friends get into successful relationships and giving them advice to better help them maximize their love potential. I also use my advice to help me and my dating life. Astrology is a huge part of my life and more people should take it seriously as it tells you who you are. I can help you with your love life or give you a astrology reading if you're curious.


Spiritual healing can be scary, but the universe tends to use us all as tools for success. Through my healing I see you as the universe sees you, we are all destined for greatness and self-fulfillment and through the mediums of tarot I can assist you to higher ascension.


My main attributes are mediumship, clairvoyance. Along with my Guides I use Tarot ,Angel Cards etc listening and understanding are key to any spiritual reading Often a reading can reassure us of issues but will always be down to your free will.I have been a Spiritualist nearly all my life and have served various spiritualist centres as a serving medium .I have worked in various jobs that are all people focused this taught me a lot about people and above all about humility and compassion


Hello ever since a young woman I have been all about intuition I believe in the butterfly effect. I'm a very clairvoyant person and I believe that if we all stick to our instincts we can manifest greatness


I can give advice on how a relationship will end and whats going on and what needs to be worked on. Also I can help you figure out if your relationship is toxic or not. And help you find better options that will benefit you