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I have been a practicing psychic for over ten years. I discovered my abilities when I was very young, but I suppressed them for many years. I am very good at what I do, and I have helped many people. I would love to help you! I offer Tarot and Oracle card Readings, Love and Relationships, Angel Cards and Messages, & Astrology. I am Clairvoyant, and I am also a Psychic Medium. I can connect you with passed loved ones and your Spirit Guides. I am a Reiki Master, and I can give distance healing.

Personal number 5901


Hello I am miss Guide, I have been working as pyschic for 13 years. I have expertise in past present and future and some mediumship. I work from home and I have a client's that always come back to me. I love my gift. And I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by and check me out.

Personal number 3369


I am an experienced Tarot and Angel card reader. I have been reading for over 10 years. I will combine my psychic abilities to give you an in-depth Tarot reading. I am honest and always read from my heart. I will do my best to seek the answers you are looking for and find the path you belong on.

Personal number 2445


Hello, I am psychic Kali Love I am a Licensed Reiki Master, Crystal Healer & Spiritual advisor. I have always been able to read energy, I am a four generation, clairvoyant, intuitive empath, and I have always possessed a clear sense of knowing. What you can expect when receiving a reading from me is that I am quickly able to connect with you and any situation pertaining to love & relationships, past lives & more! Book a private session with me today! Namaste

Personal number 8199


Hello, I'm a pagan witch from Sweden, and I read Norse runes and practice natural and earth bound magic. I can help you find your centre and your path and I'd love to take any questions you need to ask the universe and help you make sense of the answer. Come and have a chat and we'll see where we end up

Personal number 6866


Hi my loved ones!I have an ext powerful guide which has made differences to so many peoples lives.Let me share that with you.Ive had blessings of miracles,healings in so many situations,answered prayers! I use my guide & if wished for can use any cards.My Auntie was a famous medium/spiritualist.My aim is to give you answers in any area of yr lives resulting in peace,joy,love,light,blessings,laughter,happiness.Nothing is impossible.Plz note-Im available-evenings 6.30-9pm for bookings UK time.Xx

Personal number 1213


Hello, I am a young man who can help you find solutions to your problems. I have been working with tarot cards for a good while now and instantly pick up on messages meant specifically to aid you in your decisions! I offer advice on love, relationships, family and friendship problems, can even reveal how your pets or beloved animals feel. I am naturally very intuitive and sensitive to energies.

Personal number 7534


Hi, I'm Elena I've been working as a tarot reader for over 5 years. I can do quick answers depending on your question. I may pick up feelings while I'm reading and flashes that may come, it's the universe letting me know to say these first, I'm quick at texts, I also get spirit messages with the tarot cards the deceased must be gone for a year that's when they communicate. Will I get the job I've applied for? How does he feel about me? Are they any spirit messages for me using the cards?

Personal number 9679