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Hello I am Bella! I have been using my natural psychic abilities alongside with the amazing tools of the Tarot since a young age. I'm also a Reiki Master. Love Magick. Call now for reading 4468. I'm accepting PHONE READINGS, and In-depth messages. Become my fan so you get notify when I am online! I channel to you energy in order to provide you with an honest and accurate reading. My guides have always helped me guide others with very accurate predictions.

Personal number 2748


I have 5 years of experience as luxury psychic reader and my psychic gifts came to me as teenager. My gifts only cover romance,careers, lucid dreaming, and financial issues.Currently, my gifts included seashell, tea leaf, wine,and chocolate readings. Plus, I am quite skilled as the premier Vampire tarot reader. Plus, I am one of the few North American Bacchante and my spirit guide is Roman God of wine, Bacchus. I also can do Reiki financial distance healing sessions with my spiritual guide.

Personal number 0119


Hello, I'm a pagan witch from Sweden, and I read Norse runes and practice natural and earth bound magic. I can help you find your centre and your path and I'd love to take any questions you need to ask the universe and help you make sense of the answer. Come and have a chat and we'll see where we end up

Personal number 6866


Whatever is weighing heavy on your mind, I can help you figure things out. Reach out and I will offer you honesty and empathy. I specialize in Love and Relationships and Home and family. I draw upon the vibes and energy I have always possessed to uplift and empower you so that you can live your best life. Hold my hand and I will guide you and watch the spirit inside you rise and grow.

Personal number 1408


In 1955 I had a Near Death Experience. It left me with the phenonemal gift of 'clear sight'. I have been a spiritual healer since the age of 16 and I have been reading the Tarot professionally for over forty years. I will never confabulate or make something 'fit' - I will only ever tell you what I see. I have the ability to pick up energies around you. I can help you with personal relationships and dilemas. I CAN help you find the way forward.

Personal number 1964


Blessed with the gift of seeing, I've developed my craft into a beautiful way to assist those in search of life's truemeaning and of their own purpose on earth. Studying and mastering my craft for almost 2 decades, I've become so passionate about helping others along the road of enlightenment. Often times we want to be somuch of one thing we lose balance. I can show you how to become your own energy alchemist by learning to love YOU while turning all that old energy into lighter positive energy

Personal number 9168


Hello, I am a young man who can help you find solutions to your problems. I have been working with tarot cards for a good while now and instantly pick up on messages meant specifically to aid you in your decisions. I am spiritually intuitive and can offer advice on family and relationships among other things. If you are having problems in your love life, I can find out how your partner may be feeling toward you and what is blocking progress.

Personal number 7534


Astrologer Clairvoyant Medium Psychic Tarot Reader With Spirit Guides. Also Angel Card Reader Akashic Records Colour Therapist Dream Analyst Lost Objects Numerologist Paranormal Investigator Parapsychologist. Focus On Pets Too. Spiritualist Wiccan. Over 30 Years Experience Including T.V. & Media Work. From A Long Line Of Gifted Family Members In The Esoteric Field Including My Grandmother & Great Grandmother Who Helped Form The Local Spiritualist Church. Caring Empathic Intuitive Inspirational.

Personal number 3427