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My name is Donna Williams and I am an independent psychic. For your personal reading I use tarot cards. If you have a specific questions please let me know at the beginning of the phone reading. If not i will use the tarot cards to give you a general reading and overview of your situation. Sorry i am not currently accepting messages. I am easy going and friendly and i have the ability to put people at ease and give them valuable insight and guidance down the path to spiritual enlightenment.

Personal number 0652


i am Lana, i am compassionate and understanding psychic clairvoyant. Melanie tunes into you quickly and is exceptional with relationship problems and psychological issues. She is a natural clairvoyant and has had her abilities since birth and has been practicing regularly for 20 years. Melanie connects with the spirit world for help and guidance.

Personal number 3661


My service is all about Spirits either dead or alive. I tap into your root DNA in order to give you any incite. I specialize in the subconscious bring forth whats hidden past present or future. I was born into a magical family so from infant I've been talking to and seeing spirits. my experience is with the astral realm. the spirit's of the unknown as growing up they were my best friend

Personal number 9796


***This is a admin test account. Please do not try to send any messages to this reader or call this profile***

Personal number 7110


Sorry i'm not accepting any messages at this time, however you can Book A Reading with me. I'm Only accepting Booked Readings.Click The BLUE "Book A Live Reading button" to speak to me by phone during my available hrs. GET AMAZING ACCURATE Detailed POWERFUL Readings ONLY when you BOOK A READING after 2pm EST or after 7pm UK time. I will be available.You can also call me on my personal number at 0610 if you would like a reading with me when you see the green call me phone icon.

Personal number 0610


My mother and grandmother both are psychic,i saw spirit at 8 yrs old.I'll give you readings by connecting and by using my Tarot and oracle cards.Also using my Pendulum for a yes or no answer if asked.I'm a Paranormal Investigator and a Crisis Counsellor.If a crisis crosses your path I'll help you to understand and give you a new perspective on your given situation intuitively and with healing. I have a friendly warm heart,empathic with a wealth of life's ups,downs and turmoils.

Personal number 2139


Im a lady with a difference believe me & I want to share that all with you.I have had the blessings of miracles,healings in so many situations,answered prayers.Im blessed with being very psychic & this has been with me for years.I use tarot,angel cards,colour therapies but most powerfully my own spiritual guide.My Auntie was a famous medium & spiritualist so its in my family.My aim is to give you answers in any area,find peace,joy,love,light,blessings,laughter,happiness.Nothing is impossible.XX

Personal number 1697


In 1955 I had a Near Death Experience. It left me with the phenonemal gift of 'clear sight'. I have been a spiritual healer since the age of 16 and I have been reading the Tarot professionally for over forty years. I will never confabulate or make something 'fit' - I will only ever tell you what I see. I have the ability to pick up energies around you. I can help you with personal relationships and dilemas. I CAN help you find the way forward.

Personal number 1964