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Hey! I am someone who knows a lot about love and relationships. I love helping people with their problems and I give the best advice.

Personal number 9083


Spiritual healing can be scary, but the universe tends to use us all as tools for success. Through my healing I see you as the universe sees you, we are all destined for greatness and self-fulfillment and through the mediums of tarot I can assist you to higher ascension.

Personal number 3511


An oversaturated amount of experience being that I am so young. People gravitate to me and I realized it is my calling. One of a kind if I do say so myself. I have learned to align my body, mind and spirit. I love people and I love peace. Let me be your peace, or at least help you find it. Dare to come experience and change your life? I�??ll be waiting.

Personal number 7399


My name is Jo, I read Tarot and pendulums as well as perform small rituals. I enjoy helping people to find their path and heal from traumas.

Personal number 2863


I am a palm reader, spirituality specialist with background in Nordic, Celtic, Indigenous, and Green magic. I am a solitary witch and I specialize in medicine, cleansing, mantras, and palmistry. If you are in need of removing negativity, want a peek into the future, questions about spirituality and paths, or positivity radiated your way, give me a call!

Personal number 2014


I specialize in tarot card reading and have been doing readings for 10 years and learning more about it every day. I know a spiritual leader and on my last reading I had. she told me that I have the gift to the spiritual world and I have to change my life and make more time and readings for more people in tarot cards readings. So this is my first step for me. I do give friends and family readings regularly. Now for the 1st time I am offering others tarot card readings.

Personal number 2605


Hello, my name is Eleanor and I'm a 23 year old psychic medium who has been doing tarot readings for over the past 7 years of my life. I enjoy connecting with people and guiding them on the right path destined for their needs. Of that sounds like something that you are interested in diving deeper for with me, then feel free to contact me for my services.

Personal number 2909


Hello my name is Taylor and I specialize in Astrology readings. I can change your life for the better and point you in the right direction or just hope you learn a little bit more about your sign! I look forward to chatting with you.

Personal number 1104