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Hi I'm LadyRedd I know lots of things about love and relationships. Let my advice help guide you in the direction you need to go. I've been there and done plenty . Let's figure it out together . Xoxoxo LadyRedd

Personal number 4393


I have experienced a lot in my life thus far, with many spiritual lessons learned. Between soul connections, karmic partners and recently connecting with my Twin Flame. There is a lot to be said about experience, but there is more to be said when you have someone with the ability to understand your connections and provide insight and guidance on a spiritual level. I hold the blessed ability to not only understand my own experiences, but I can connect and guide you through yours. Blessed Be!

Personal number


I love to read people and help any way I can. I am more into love talk or helping within the walls of the bedroom just ask or simply text to talk. Or you can simply just talk there are lots of people who simply need a ear

Personal number 7212


Personal number 4433


Hello, I am MysticElise! Nice to meet you! I have been able to communicate and see spirit since I was 6. I was brought up in a home that understood that I had a gift, as it has been passed down throughout generations. When I was of age, I started attending my local spiritualist church, where I found I blossomed with my gift even greater, I attended awareness and development classes, and still do. I have gave messages of truth, proof and light to many people through the years, and love what I do.

Personal number 8087


Hello! My name is RoxieCoxx and when I was 5 years old, I had the first inclination that I was different. My sister and I were playing in our backyard when I had a vision of a bright red truck running into my yard. I grabbed my sister and ran. Just then, a red Chevy truck slammed into the fence my sister and I were just behind. From then on, I knew that what I had was special and I should not ever forget it. Whoever can benefit from my gift, I want to help you! That is what I'm here to do!

Personal number 0380


Hi, My name is Angelique, I practice the cards readings. I can help you for some guidance using the cards if you need to have an answer about love, work, health etc.. I also practice the law of attraction and believe a positive energy will attract positive things in your life. I will be delighted to help you to feel a bit better in your life :)

Personal number 3518


My name is Veda, I have always used my extrasensory perception to discover the secrets of life, let my connection to the divine source bring you to the light.

Personal number 6194