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Hi I'm Priscilla I am a clairvoyant psychic counselor healer twin flame love expert with over 10 of experience I can quickly gain insight into the depth of the past present and future situations i will give u valuable insight that will thrust you forward in life n give you renewed hope insights concerning love and relationships I will provide what u need to know i have the ability to see or gain I will provide straightforward and candid info on any issue!

Personal number 2687


Spiritually Connected, Empath with Intuitive Gifts. Use tools such as the Tarot and Pendulum, Crystals and Chakra Healing. I can easily pick up the Energy in a situation, person or thing all Spiritually Guided. Let me guide you through your path or a situation giving always the best advice for a better outcome resonating in Love and Peace, Namaste

Personal number 1558


Hey there I'm RileyJoe. Come connect with me to get your next reading, I am a young, calm, intuitive and gifted woman. I have positive connection with astrology, spirit guides and healers since a young ageAs I have aged my skill set has become stronger with the help of education and a wonderful mentor how has taught me to better understand the things I see, hear and feel. May you have a positive day full of wonders, joy and positivity. Sending positive energy and peace to all who may read this.

Personal number 0079


I am a natural born psychic tarot reader. My ESP (6th sense) Abilities were first recognized at a young age. I have always been able to sense, feel and see clearly into the past present and future. It was when I became an adult that I recognized my abilities as a gift, My calling and purpose in life. I journey into spirit to deliver powerful and constructive advice focusing on empowerment. I am truthful and non judgemental as I read for people from all lifestyles and backgrounds.

Personal number 0365


Hi My name is Lunalady and I am blessed in that I have a precious relationship with the universe and its Angels. I have the ability to feel and sense when your soul is in need of help. I work closely with Angels and spirit who help guide us when times are tough. I am also a counselor and the angels use me to guide and give messages to help in your love and relationships and all other areas of life. let me, your angels and the universe guide you today .


kind and patient services. quick answers straight from the heart. Unable to relax in life? worried about your career? thinking about finding true love? Don't hesitate to ask! My services are loyal, kind and quick. I've been helping people with my blessing for over 15 years now. My Psychic Abilities Are Spot On. Experience A Reading With A True Psychic. call today!

Personal number 8923


Do you have unanswered questions? Are you wanting to know what your future holds? Feeling lost? Searching for someone? Searching for something? Looking for some hope? Call Aria Moon and allow her to guide you into a more fulfilling life and brighter future

Personal number 2651


I am psychic White Wolf and I specialize in tarot readings and horoscopes. I have been doing this for well over 2 years and I look forward to serving you in the future. I am kind and I care for my clients. I do not sugar coat anything. You will get clear readings that you can count on.

Personal number 9464