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I specialize in Holistic energy work to aid in my psychic abilities. Before moving forward with any future thoughts I take into full consideration my clients feelings, the stress of the day, and their goal. In order to tell you about your future you first need to be supported in the present.

Personal number 6902


Hello, my name is Frankie and being new to all of this I figured I'd help in the best way possible. Any questions just ask I'll be happy to answers any :)

Personal number


I am simply a woman tuned in with her abilities to see the unseen and uncover the secrets of the heart. I know that tarot cards,astrology and just listening to the very words we say are the keys to finding our personal truth and the deeper desires of our intricate lives. I have been into these sciences all my life and I use and practice them to make important decisions. ^Love Relationships are my specialty^ since I've been married since I was 18.i am now 23.......

Personal number 0936


Just into astrology. I believe signs are very accurate. Especially when you are born before/after estimated due date, born to the sign that belongs to you.

Personal number 1757


Hi candy is here to help you with your every needs a very good healer very spiritual call me I can help

Personal number 4721


Hi all! I've known since I was a small girl that I was blessed with the gift, able to pull information about people's lives and futures out of thin air. That's why I've decided to join this chat line, ready to give readings and share my gift with you!

Personal number 0190


My special talent is DejaVu I see the happening before it can happen my dreams connect with everyone I communicate with In the spiritual world. The presence of the tarot cards are my guides with the sun and moon rising of your zodiac sign you will be pleased with a reading from me

Personal number 1775


I am a confident reader who is a good listener.i am non judgemental. I am a psychic a tarot card reader and a medium. I can communicate with pets that are liviing or passed on. I also do dream interpretation. I have had psychic gifts and abilities fir over 10 years now. I found and started to recognise my gifts from the age of 13. This is when i discovered an angel at the foot of my bed whi dud not disturb me but smiled. I specialisein love and career.

Personal number 7342