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Hello beautiful souls I am a indigo child of the light I have been helping people heal I call in my spirit guilds and angels to protect all I connect with I specialize I angel cards tarot card Pendulum crystal healing and astrology

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Hello my future butterflies I have been practicing for 4 years now and I am in love with helping people feel excited with joy when I tell them their fate. Feel free to connect with me you wont be disappointed

Personal number 1496


I'm really good at relationships, I've been through quite a bit myself and so have my friends. I'm good at giving advice all around

Personal number 7014


I have been helping people for 20+ years now, to listen to and trust their inner voice that will help them move forward and onward in life.

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I use my natural psychic ability to give you answers on love, career & finances. I see deeply into situations & pull out the truth, yet I'm able to deliver the truth in a gentle & optimistic way that gives hope. l focus on the present so you can move forward confidently on your path! At age 14 my dreams increasingly foretold events to come. I usually begin with a general reading. We touch all areas of your life. From that point, we can branch off in whatever direction you choose.

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I am the common sense to your situation, the guidance to where you are trying to be in life. I will lead you to where you want to be in life and will make sure you don't go walking that path alone. Gemini's are all welcome !

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I have a gift of giving excellent advise regarding the direction of your relationship. This information is formed off past and current actions as well as a bit of astrology to give you an idea of where your relationship will go.

Personal number 1816


Hello my name is Jewels. I will help you in interpreting the meaning of your tarot card reading. I have 20+ years experience with the tarot and look forward to helping you understand what your reading means for you.. Past Present and Future meanings to give you better insight to the meaning of your lifes questions! Sample questions: Should I take that new job? Should I dump my current love? Where is my life going? Is my current lover cheating? When will I make it rich?

Personal number 5322