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I have to he ability to feel from your voice what you are feeling. I am a vessel that can transcribe information given to me through Oracle cards. I want to hear you tell me what you want and what's on your mind. I am here for you anytime. I would love to hear from you soon..my soft sensual voice will have you wanting more. I also have the ability to do distance energy and Reiki healing.

Personal number 2633


As a young girl of 12, it was clear that I received communication from the unseen. It was lucky that I received support to strengthen my intuitive and empathic skills, to help others heal their hearts and minds. I use tarot cards, pendulum, remote energy scan, healing through visualisation. My mission is to work with you to understand what your spirit is asking of you. A listening ear, open heart and dedication to you and your unique energy is what I offer.

Personal number 7624


Enjoy casting of the runes. The Futhark alphabet was derived from the runes, but the runes themselves kept their magical properties. Runes goes back to the times of Odin, the god of magic and wisdom. As an energy healer and spirit guide for more than 15 yrs, self taught and guided by the spirit within me.

Personal number 5157


Hello, Your through to Starstorm, welcome. Rest assured you're in safe hands, I'm 4th generation Sage (& Green Witch lineage). Providing over 25 years of service - Nationally & Internationally, it's my aim to bring you through whatever is troubling you, with clarity, kindness & little bit of TLC. My hope, that you feel empowered after our chat assured that, compassion, non judgement & grace are my professional mantras. X

Personal number 6786


Hello my name is Beckylee and I'm a spiritual guide. Everyone is assigned certain angels and I do my readings a little different than most, when I do a reading I call upon your specific angels and ask that may deliver you a personal message that will help guide you on the right direction. Each person message is unique and meant for only them.i have been practicing this form of readings for over 5 yrs now. If you need answers from the right guides contact me at anytime.

Personal number 2835


Hello! My name is Madame Lola LaSalle. I was born in New Orleans, and raised by my great grandmother, who was a devout student of the traditions of African Diaspora, including the study of Voodoo and the cultural rituals surrounding it. As a child, I was aware of a sensitivity I had for the human spirit, but as I've grown into an adult, I have learned that my areas of expertise include astrology, palmistry, numerology, and an emotional connection to the ever evolving houses of the cosmos.

Personal number 4603


I learned I was different at a very young age having friends whom had already passed on I played with for hours on end and I practice threw mind and rock readings. And some card readings mostly I practice from my mind though I am able to answer. Many things before you ask them and can even communicate with. Many whom have passed on to a better place as well. I seek to help those who struggle in life. With there questions and. Helping them. Get the. Unanswered questions answered and find peace

Personal number 0379


i was introduced to tarot at a young age, and throughout my life, I'm now 39,i have made a study of them, following not just conventional interpretations, but digging for individual meanings for each reading. my abilities have grown, allowing me to see deep into the reading, and gifting the revelations to gou. I always say before each reading that the future is not predestined....but it is predictable. you always have the power to change it

Personal number 3794