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I come from a long line of psychics. Ive known of my abilities since childhood. Helping others with my gift is my purpose. Past, present, future and remote viewing. Dice, tea, tarot and aura reading are my strongest mediums. Im a great listener. Non judgmemtal and compassionate. Ive seen and heard it all. I've been doing all types of readings for over 20 years. Ive traveled the world and read people from all walks of life.

Personal number 6584


I'm a highly intuitive tarot reader, who uses cartomancy , tarot cards and angel cards. I can do money readings and general life readings. I am very open and fun and will put your mind at rest. I can sometimes pick up on names and dates also.


I am giving advice since last year, with great succes about relationships, finance and health care. Maybe you want to reveal your sixth sense or want your dreams to be explained or just concerned about the future?


Natural born medium and psychic. Dream reader as well as past life readings. Expert advisor in love and relationships. Advanced medium and i am able to speak to the other side and deliver messages. Decades of experience and extremly accurate!

Personal number 4199


I discovered my skill for reading relationships at a young age, I have never been wrong yet and I'd love to give you some advice or tell you what your future holds

Personal number 2878


I am a native american woman that was born with certain gifts. I want to help you try and make aense of or guide any questions you may want answers to. Let me help guide you through the daekness

Personal number 7368


I have been doing Tarot readings for the past ten years. I feel that I am giving hope as well as help. I like being able to offer guidance through difficult or challenging times, or even just reassurance that that the client is doing the correct thing.

Personal number 4566


I'm a natural intuitive psychic medium from gypsy bloodline, practicing my abilities in spellcraft and divination over the last 25yrs. I'm an expert in real, useable advice, delivered in a compassionate and nonjudgmental way. We can talk about your fears and struggles and I can dig deep into your higher consciousness and ask your spirit guide for the right words and feelings to help you find true happiness. Is it time to stay or go? I can help you decide.