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I offer readings into past present and future! Im just like any other person except for my gift of visions! I believe my third eye has been opened since I was a young girl and started having visions!


Hi My names Samantha I'm a 3rd generation experienced psychic I discovered my gift at a very young age at first I was frightened from it but I am happy and proud that I am now useing my psychic abilities to help others I help and advise in all matters of life I'm very straight forward with in my readings very positive what I see I will tell u what I see not what u want to hear I can tap into areas of love marriage business family health past life's future and much more!


I am Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I started being able to connect with my psychic abilities from a very young age. My family have been gifted with psychic abilities for generations and we truly believe that it makes up a considerable part of who we are as people. I have had the amazing opportunity of meeting family members whom I never could have met when they were alive, and reconnecting with lost loved ones over the past few years. Always open and always honest.


I live in light and choose to walk down only well lit alleys. My readings are positive, funny and highly accurate. Let me in and oh what an adventure we will have! AND I SEE YOU You've been working so hard on yourself and you have reached a point where you need an assist. But I can't tell you the future if you're not working on yourself in the present. HOW DO WE WORK TOGETHER? COME TO ME WITH YOUR MIND OPEN!


As child and now I have dreams and serious feelings of deja vu as those dreams came to pass months later. I could recite dialogue word for word before it was said..when I was 13 I found that the colours around people I had always seen was actually their auras and I automatically know within 3 minutes of meeting someone if they are a bad person or good...just by talking to someone or hearing their voice I get visions feelings of what may lie ahead for them depending on the path they choose


I've been indulging in my psychic abilities since my early teens. I'm here to help YOU. I'll tell you anything I can and encourage you in the direction I'm feeling is set for you. I'm laid-back and ready to share my knowledge.


I specialize in Tarot, Oracle, and Tea Leaf readings for all areas of life. What began as a dream has grown into something much larger over the course of 8 years, and has given me the opportunity to fulfill what I truly believe is my life's purpose. My goal is to help get you through whatever life throws your way with clarity, guidance, and confidence. **Tea leaf readings are best done by appointments/bookings so that I may properly prepare our session for you**


My Name is Claudia and i am a 4th generation Psychic, Reading Professionally for 10+ Years. I've Studied Tarot and Chakras at the Montclair Metaphysical Center, I've Ran & Operated Crystal Healing & Tarot Reading Businesss. Using my Abilities of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, & Clairsentence, I can Fully Insight you on All Aspects of Life.