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Hello, Guys been a Psychic since birth Yahew sent the holy spirit to direct my path with the gift of hearing his words through the Holy spirit! I love to give you a Psychic reading that will give you strength and Joy of a New Beginnings in your life. !I can give you great love reading and advice that will help you keep your ladies satisfied, readings on Joy , relationships and a great spiritual journey

Personal number 8025


Getting a spiritual session from me will bring you clarity and peace of mind,helping you overcome challenges that hold you back from manifesting your dreams and goals,Receive accurate answers,direction and future results in a comforting and uplifting session.using my remarkable talents to offer support and insight into all areas of your life. One session is guaranteed to amaze you,specializing in matters of the heart chakra balancing your energy so you can have have the strength and peace U need

Personal number 8082


Heyy there! I have been practicing tarot for 6 years. I've read for people and had them later confirm that something else in the reading came to be or resonated with them on a deeper level. I'm always delighted to hear about another amazing connection made through the world of tarot!! Do you have questions and need insight? Let's make a connection!

Personal number 3888


Hello Let me express my warmest welcome to You and introduce myself. My name is Peter, I'm Archangel Michael's channel, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient, working wirh the Archangel for more, then ten years to help you to thrive and mend your heart with relationship advices. As a relationship expert, I can help you to see the situation clearly. To know, what helps and what doesn't suit you. Call me, when you are confused and see crystal clear!

Personal number 2543


My name is Tasman Jackson. I have a history of being thought provoking in the Tarot Business Industry. I have studied with Tarot Masters, scholars, spiritualist and educators. I have a passion for the Tarot Reading business, and enjoy using my ability to help people achieve success. My mission is to give a very in depth and thorough psychic service that will bring clarity.

Personal number 0439


AskEnergie is the #1 resource for answers! Get clear insight from the best invisible source of information that uses intel of empathy, psychic intuition, astrology, and the new 144 tarot. No question is too minor or major; and if you just need someone to listen openly, this is the right choice. In fact, English is our second language; the first is silent, telepathic communication; clarity with and beyond words. Connect now to have a trusted friend, confidant, and muse for life!

Personal number 4247


Personal number 6088


I've had gifts of right and foreseen from the time I was a little girl . I am of the 7th assention. I love to help heal and manifest your dreams into reality. I am also blessed with connecting with our loved ones whom have passed as well as view akashic records....

Personal number 1042