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I am someone who can develop a close connection to other people, and then read their future. I have been a psychic professionally for about a year, but I have received my calling since I was a child. I specialise in romance

Personal number 9267


I discovered that I had my intuitive abilities when I was just about 5 years old. I guarantee the most authentic psychic reading and almost always crossover to speak to your loved ones. Give me a chance to bring some peace and closure to your life.


Hey I'm Clarrisa and welcome! I first discovered my talents at a very young age and I've been practicing for over ten years. My experience allows me to provide precise and accurate readings. My readings are sure to provide you with clarity. Call me I look forward to connecting with you.

Personal number 2447


Hi my name is Viviana Ventura and I am 20 year old Goddess. I have endured a lot of pain and suffering in my life and that is how I am also very aware of the my gift from the universe. I love to not only get to know and help people, I enjoy feeling them on a deeper level. I want to unlock new concepts and ideas that you never even thought of that are life changing.


I have the ability to use an individual's own energy to do a reading for them like for example the individual's voice vibration is used to tune into their souls and life's happenings effortlessly by me. I am receptive and highly sensitive to the natural environment from which I am able to obtain a multitude of information from vibrations, images, voices, pictures and visions. I am able to experience and interpret information from the guiding forces in an individual's life.

Personal number 1857


My name is Ann Phoenix, and I am a future seer. I do not see present nor past, only where your spirit is headed in the years to come. I also have a keen discernment for evil spirits in your life, keeping you from your blessings. I feel everyone's soul very deeply, and my intuition is superb. If you are in need of hope or warnings for your future, I am here for you today.


I am an experienced Clairaudiant, Tarot and Oracle reader. I have read Tarot since I was young and over the years I have developed my own combination of the cards & their meanings. I provide accurate healing tarot readings, looking at clearing blocks to make way for your manifestations & healing/ highlighting past issues. Seeing where you are now, what's around the corner and what options you have available. Connecting with my guides to give you the best reading. Answering your questions.


I am a young woman who has the capability to aide people in there life journeys. I have done this for 15 years and I want to be able to extend my reach past the corners of my home and the corners of my city.

Personal number 9663