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I am a fourth generational psychic I have 10 years of experience my gift was not thought it was inherited I received my gift when I was a young girl and over the years it has progressed my gift brings peace love guidance clarity I specialize in all aspects of life love relationships career family spiritual cleansing spiritual healing aura readings etc I have all the answers your heart is searching for No question is to big or to small For me to answer contact me today for a better tomarrow

Personal number 5287


I'm here to guide your path of self-discovery through my gifts of insight, techniques of thought creation, and knowledge of Hermetic Metaphysics


I started seeing spirits since I was a child and I have the ability to hear from those on the other side. I discovered I was a medium when I was twelve years of age and my abilities have gotten stronger the longer I have practiced. I also have an ability to sense a persons desires.

Personal number 0104



I have practiced my psychic abilities for 6 years now. I discovered my psychic abilities when I was a child in middle school. I always had dreams that would come true and visions. I also had the power of healing others and fixing other people's relationships. I am also in tune with my spirituality and can communicate with the other world. I am here on this earth to help and guide others. Trust me and I will change your life for the better of help you prepare for what is to come.

Personal number 7855


I am from the South in the United States in the state of Mississippi. My ancestors have long had the ability to read the stars and astrological signs for 4 generations. It is an ability and a passion that were passed down. Although I am young, I have much training on the subject of astrology. I would love to discuss your best courses of action and/or help you gain clarity during a particularly challenging time in your life.

Personal number 7130


I am capable to dream about what I need to see. I've been doing this for 3 years, most of my high school career. I first discovered this ability when I would have a dream only for the events in the dream to happen. In my free time, I love to read and write, on occasion i'll paint.

Personal number 9162


I've always been able to sense things and interpret things in ways that don't make sense to most people. I do best with tarot, love and healing and spell work. Let's dive right in and see how I can best help you!

Personal number 8860