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I am a compassionate and honest psychic helping to harmonize energy flow through my client's chakras which enables them to turn life's greatest challenges into their greatest resources. I deliver all sorts of readings: love and relationships, career, house moving, family issues etc. I always try to get it across that the future is not set in stone and there is a possibility of improvement in any situation. This possibility becomes much greater once the client achieves certain frame of mind.

Personal number 9203


Hi all! Sage here! I've known of my unique qualities for over ten years now, and I am excited to share my gift with whomever is interested! I am at your service. Get with me today. :)

Personal number 5746


I first noticed my abilities about 25 years ago, when I started getting "feelings" about what was about to happen. After years of practice, those I tuitions are much more acute and accurate. I am also experienced with psychic counseling.

Personal number 3764


I am a psychic medium who is compassionate, warm and driven to answer any questions you may have regarding those who have left our world and have joined the spiritual world. I also have experience with love and relationships and want to provide a great experience for anyone seeking these types of answers.

Personal number 7863


A ationally acclaimed psychic medium has earned a living as a medium and psychic ever since she discovered she had gift abilities in her teens.

Personal number 0029


I have the gift of psychic ability. I can see your future, your past and your present as clearly as I see the change in weather. I have been working professionally as a Psychic for twelve years and have had many rave reviews.

Personal number 3730


Hello I'm tiara my psychic abilities are very accurate. I discovered my gift in my early teens. I'd be happy to answer all your questions.

Personal number 1722


My name is MoonAndLight. I was born England. I've only been practicing full time for 1 years. I love helping people with insight on love and relationship and tarot.

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