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I have a gift of reading people simply from their presence. I always look for positive things in the future, but cant promise this, but I do believe in telling you the truth! I believe in being honest and informative. I will give you insight on love, which is my specialty. I will give you advise on life,as well as what the future may hold for you. Tell me your birth date without the year and I will be able to tell you more about yourself! I look forward to providing you reading!


Personal number 4829


I have been gifted with the ability to understand things other cannot, and I would like to share my gift. I have the ability to guide you with your future and help you reach the loved ones you long to communicate with. Allow me to use my gift to help you.

Personal number 7658


I am a spiritual person that loves helping people. Everyday is a different day where you should never look behind but always look to the future.

Personal number 5860


Hi I'm Ashley a natural born psychic/empathic specialist looking to connect with More people to help

Personal number 7724


Welcome I am PsychicGwyneth. I primarily give live chat intuitive readings. All you need to begin your journey with me to enlightenment is your name. I can read for you with or without using any tools. On our journey to finding true happiness the readings I provide are done using a combination of my own psychic gift, tarot and communication from my spirit guides.

Personal number 4659


Hello all! I am here to help my clients acknowledge their own personal strengths and weaknesses. I enable them to discover the ability to make significant changes and important decisions by revealing to them what's revealed through me. My readings prepare my clients for what is ahead, to allow them to have a better understanding; along with a better strategy to their concerns and/or situation. I'm a birth gifted third eye clairvoyant.

Personal number 9668


I am a clairvoyant and medium using tarot cards to connect with you and any relatives or loved ones that have passed over.