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I am clairvoyant Medium Psychic with 29 years experience I can connect with your love one let me help put your mind at ease I also offer tarot card readings I can focuse on love and relationship finances And much more

Personal number 4326


An accomplished psychic advisor that aligns with the nonphysical to become a channeling messenger of light and love. I deliver just the right words at the right time. My psychic gifts are highly attuned and developed over many years. Want to know when new love will come? Dating or in a relationship and need answers on what's next? Stuck or unsure of your career path and finances? Timely messages from the higher realms on all of these and more are ready for you now. Contact me today!


Hi my name is Lillian, I am a Psychic/Clairvoyant and Spiritual Adviser. I have developed these gifts into a professional practice for 12 years with clients who call me "their angel". I am specific to love relationships, Marriage and Business. During a reading, I will connect with your guides to deliver a reading that spiritually directs you along your specific path. I Will give you the deepest and most accurate insights. I provide knowledge and compassion to each individual circumstance.


Hi there, I'm Mina. I have always been drawn to psychic practices and the other realms since I was a small child. I was born into a house with alot of paranormal activity and this piqued my interest greatly. I work by firstly tuning into your energy before proceeding with the tarot, angel, oracle card reading. I do readings regarding love, career, lifestyle, and deeper topics such as past lives and soul development. I also practise spiritual distance healing. My aim is to uplift you.


unsure about your love life, relationship, marriage, or if he/she is your soul-mate Allow me the opportunity to look in to these questions. I will analyze your situation, by looking can to the Past - Present & Future pinpointing exactly what is going on if there blockages and where are they coming from. Giving you the clarity you need and confidence on what course of action you might need to take. My commitment is to bring better clarity to my clients. with dictation and non-judge-mental.


Hi I'm Chris I've been a medium for over 20 years , I have been given an amazing gift since I was young, I can see and predict the future, I will help you find the best answer, if you want to get answers to dating, careers, and family, Im always here, let me guide you


I'm a strong psychic and empath. I also have a long intuition of spiritual movement and connections since a young child. I can guide you, help and strengthen you and get the answers to help lead you. I'm Siobhan, anything you need, desire or enquire I can sure help from the depths of the universe and the spiritual world.


Hi I am a rune reader empath & psychic medium. I can help you on your path. I get a strong vibe from people and I can feel what they are feeling. Very intuned to your energy.

Personal number 5602