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I'm a Psychic, a Empath, Lightworker, Healer, Life Purpose Coach, Mentor. I'm very gifted my discernment is very strong I've gotten my gifts when I was 6 years old I'm now 33 years old my gifts are more advanced. My intuition is strong. I would love to help bring healing, love and light, and joy and comforting Souls when need. God's gift to me is to spread as much knowledge I learned over the years.


Since I was a child I have a special sensitivity. I can empathize with all living beings, regardless of how they are. As much as if you have a love or relationship problem with anyone, I will be able to guide you to solve it. I will help you cleanse any toxic energy from your relationship, with patience, logic and love.


Hello, I'm Mira, a seventh-generation Psychic/Medium of Italian and Native American background. I have had intuitive experiences and been able to connect with those who have crossed over since childhood. My Italian grandmother, Bianca, was a Dream Interpreter, and my Native American ancestors were from a long line of Medium and Intuitive healers. In my readings I place focus on the whole person; including body, mind and spirit. I look forward in connecting with you~ Love and Light~~ Mira

Personal number 1866


I have been doing psychic reading since I was 15. Usually about relationships, ranging from friends,co workers, family,and even strangers. I have guided many with difficulties in their relationships. Helping them understand their relationship. And giving them advice based on my readings.


Young soul all the way from South Africa, I have been practicing as a Sangoma/Igqirha since 2010.The calling drove me to leave my professional career and focus on being trained as a Traditional Healer connecting me with the older souls that guide me. My reading tools include psychic intuition, tarrot card reading, bones and dream analysis. I also assist clients tune into their own psychic abilities through meditation. My healing focuses on the mind, body and soul.


I am a psychic who has been reading tarot cards for more than 5 years and I have been studying and applying astrology for the past 3 years. I have been in touch with my intuition and psychic clairaudient gifts since I was a very young woman, around 5 years. I specialize in love and relationship tarot readings, angel readings, and life purpose readings.


Hi there! My name is E + welcome to E's Intuition! I've been an intuitive tarot reader for three years, created my own intuitive reading tarot deck, + am a certified Spiritual mentor! I'm an energy worker, empath, + a natural born clairvoyant. I'm here at this specific time to help you when you need it the most! Thank you In Advance for choosing to work with me!


Hello! I can read tarot, alongside with some fun and unique assistance such as the use of symbols for manifestation of energy you wish to conjure, and also pendulum if you have burning questions for spirit. I have been reading tarot for over 7 years now, and have been connected with spirit since a young age. If you wish to find out what spirits advice for you is, contact me!