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Healer 12 years Tarot card reading 2 years Always had ability to see thing sensitivity to hurts pains sicknesses

Personal number 5137


I'm an easy going lady that has some sensitive skills and very good at helping people get through life in tough and good times. I am open to chat to anyone.

Personal number 5491


I have been practicing since many years, if you need help with your current life situations. Talk to me I can assure that i will make you feel better and help you by guiding for the correct path.

Personal number


My name is Roxie. I am here to spread light and love into your life. My skill and experience is in Astrology. I can read you indepth from your birth chart and offer relationship analysis, self analysis, astrological-based advice on how to overcome problems. I can offer solutions for family problems, love life issues, career problems all based on Astrology. I look forward to helping you.

Personal number 9582


I'm a youthful 39yr old mom of 4, and have always had the spiritual gift of discernment. Through the years I've learned how to use that gift and trust my gut when making decisions. I've dreamed dreams that have come true ever since I was younger.

Personal number


Gifted spirit guide. Specializing in dream interpretation , western astrology, eastern astrology and numerology.

Personal number 0227


Hello!I'm PhoenixGem, and I'm a Natural Born Witch.As a child I was always very sensitive to everything, always picked on, the whole 9 yards of being bullied in school. But when I turned 16 my powers truly manifested!And for a while I thought I was going insane. But I've come a long way from that 16,year old boy.And over time my powers have grown exponentially! And with this power, comes great knowledge.I am willing to use this knowledge to help the humans out there who need my knowledge

Personal number 6705


I have been a psychic and spiritual medium since I was 18 years old although I was blessed with the gift as a child, I didn't fully commit to exploring my gifts until I was 18. I come from a very big family in which we believe that in each generation a psychic is born and it is hereditary. Give me a chance to show you the truth meaning of being a Psychic !I will be the inspiration and motivator you need to prosper in the areas you want. Love,money, relationships and family issues ? Call me.

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