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Growing up it was obvious I have a special connection to nature. In my teenage life I came across the term "green witch" and realised it fit me perfectly. I love natural healing/medicines and spells, and nature of all kind. As a moonchild, or a cancer, I feel very connected to the ocean and the moon. I've also been reading tarot since my childhood, taught to me by my aunt, and I even have two cards tattooed on me! I feel very passionately about my craft.

Personal number 2691


USA Psychic with a gypsy background. Specializing in tarot cards, insight on love and relationships, reiki healing, and intuitiveness for the future. I have been practicing for almost a decade with much of my clientele being A list celebrities. Strong focus on all things money and love related.


Angels have been by my side since my early teens, keeping it to myself for a number of years later in my adult life I had a near death experience which intensified my gifts & guided me to assist other's. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient Medium, & have Diploma's in Energy Healing using Crystals & Reiki, Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Spiritual Teacher trained by Charles Virtue & Angel Coaching & I look forward to connecting with you.


I started as a child, First I have taken my education, experience and passion for being an investigator and applied them to the study of the afterlife, death and dying, and the world of spirit, And sharing and helping you get the answers your looking for. It's been my life goal for 30 years.

Personal number 4263


Hello! I have been able to predict upcoming events since I was young. I am most experienced in Love, Finance and Health. I can also perform protection and life enhancing rituals. I love helping people on the path of life and family and friends often seek out my assistance. Big to small life events I'm here for YOU!

Personal number 2107


I am genuine. My gifts are real and I am very open and honest about what I see. I am friendly, but ultimately, my gift guide's me to want and need to help those who feel lost and are looking for REAL direction. Past, present or future, I am confident in my ability to help guide people.

Personal number 1711


It's a gift and it runs in my generation this past 11 years I love to use my abilities to help people

Personal number 0524


Personal number 6223