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Many have asked about my spiritual development, how my gifts as a channel for Source~God~Spirit~the Divine (the nomenclature doesn't matter), came to be and how I became intune with my guides and spiritual beings around me. If you are even remotely interested or your beliefs allow you to create space for a new understanding, because this story may change your ideas and notions about what a psychic does and how one can connect with their guides . I'm the one for you . I learn as I go .


I was gifted with my first Tarot Deck, it was the first gift I had ever received that wasn't on my birthday or Christmas. However, it was the most wonderful gift I had ever received. I knew what they were when I looked at them, and honestly had always wanted some. Soon after I touched them we became the best of friends. I consider them a part of me. Together, my cards and I can assist you if you have lost your way, need advice, or just want to know what the future may bring. Or maybe the past.

Personal number 2478


My name is Hazel and I specialize in Tarot readings as well as pendulum readings and speaking to loved ones on the other side. I should say though, as of right now, we can only ask yes or no questions as I do not have a pendulum board. I became interested in the psychic and paranormal at a very young age and have found extreme interest in it. In the last 2 years i've been finding myself and learning of my gifts.


I have 12 years of experience giving people readings, I have been spiritually connected to the world practically my whole life, but as I grew older my abilities grew stronger and more intensified. I am a gifted Intuitive Empath, Clairvoyant & Clairsentiant. Therefore I am able to see & sense the past, present and future, feeling what others feel just from their energy vibrations. I specialize in Love & Relationships, Friends & Family, Career & Finances I am non judgmental & very honest.


I have been practicing for about 5 years now and love what I do. I love having an impact on people and helping in any way I can. I am here to give my advice and help steer someone in the right direction.

Personal number 4406


IV been reading tarot cards for ten yrs now and I seen and communicated with the other side ever since I could remember


Hi, my name is Haze. I live in New York, currently. I am an intuitive reader. I also do tarot and relationship readings. I was 6 when I had my first psychic experience. I have been actively using my gifts for 18 years now. I am a spiritual pyschic .I am here to help those that are drawn to me. As I got older I learned how I could guide individuals into being their best selves and healing those around me. I can not wait to help guide you into your best self. Blessed be.


I have been clairvoyant for as long as I can remember. I have a special gift and I like to utilize my gift as a skill set to help others. I am an open ear and can give you the best advice. I am a certified results life coach and I help hundreds of people a week through making real life changes for the better.

Personal number 3588