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Over 10 years of experience helping people from all walks of life I can see the past how it was the present how it is in the future how it will be giving you guidance how to best approach the greatest outcome because freedom of will is the gift given to us all use my gift of seeing the future prepare you for your greatest out come God has given us a gift of free will what we choose to do with that gift is completely up to us allowing us to take control of our own destiny


It started with lucid dreaming and went a little further! I'm a strong empath and healer at heart! I enjoy listening to my clients and trying to help you the best I can! I know about spirit guides and I love earth medicine if that sounds of interest to you lets chat. I have tarot cards ,sage ,crystals and much more :)


I want to help you find the way, to know the answers to the questions you are plagued with. My gift is to help you reach a core truth and to find the path you are meant to follow, let me show you the way...


friends family and friends of family come to me for advice as i'm usually always spot on with whatever advice reading i give. i love to help others, i am a friendly individual who likes to do the best i can in regards to others and their futures.


Hi! I have pretty much been psychic my whole life! My childhood was littered with incidents of prophetic dreams, telepathic experiences,hearing beings that you can't see, and just being able to know things. I never had the proper outlet to explore my spirituality until 2018. That year, I went through a powerful purging process after meeting my twin flame and have been online ever since! I'm sure my intuitive insights and cards can help you with whatever situation you may be going through


I've been a cartomancy practitioner for over a decade with the tarot and Lenormand. Allow me to ease your mind and bring clarity to your questions!


Hi my name is Lillian, I am a Psychic/Clairvoyant and Spiritual Adviser. I have developed these gifts into a professional practice for 12 years with clients who call me "their angel". I am specific to love relationships, Marriage and Business. During a reading, I will connect with your guides to deliver a reading that spiritually directs you along your specific path. I Will give you the deepest and most accurate insights. I provide knowledge and compassion to each individual circumstance.


Hey I became a psychic back in 2008,. And also worked for in a psychic sho and did my own tarot readings. I would have customers come back to me and tell me things I said was true or ended up happening. That's when I knew I was destined to do this.