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Hey there! I love talking to people, making new friends, and doing whatever I can to help with any problems you might have. Don't worry, I ALWAYS go the extra mile, great customer service is the key ;) As for my psychic abilities, I discovered my abilities in high school. As time went on they got better and all my clients agree! I specialize in love, relationships, & healing. I always go the extra mile, because it's what you deserve!


I have a speciality in dowsing and have a unique connection with the spirit world, i can help find and contact family friends and animals who have departed, i use this connection to send and receive messages and be a middle ground for one world to another.


Sometimes people ask me, how do they know that they will get a good psychic reading? Being from Cassadaga Florida and being around Tarot, Angel Cards, Healers, & Astrology all my life, it runs thru my blood. I can tell you everyone who has a reading from me, is more than satisfied with the quality of my readings. Come and see for yourself what I can do for you!


Hi, my name is Freya and I link psychically with you and those around you to help you bring clarity to your situation. I specialize in connecting with you through your Animal Spirit Guides to gain insight into your situation and use animal tarot and oracle cards to help answer any questions and guide you towards the best positive outcome. I can also offer basic yes/no answers and Angel Card readings to shine light where it is needed most. Let me help you find the answers you seek today.


I won't pretend to know all the right answers to fix the things that bother you. However, I have a keen sense of who people are, and I will give you true honesty about the things I sense in you. The things nobody else will say to you, but you need to hear.


I realized my talents at the age of 6 and I have been receiving visions ever since. I like to engage my customers and get to know you on a more personal level. Just ask and you shall receive.


I know how you're feeling exactly what you have gone through and will go through come to me and you'll know too I know your loves your loses I know your future and it is good all you got to do is come talk to me ill tell you everything you'll need to know.


Few years back I noticed that I could sense the feelings of those around me. If they had problems, sexual desire, struggles etc. But embarrassed to inquire to not only confirm my feelings but in hopes to give advise. As well as premonitions which within a day or two are revealed.