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It's written in the stars. Is your love interest, lover, or spouse the one for you? Is someone keeping a secret from you? Let me help you!

Personal number 0698


I am an empathic healer. I give accurate tarot readings and can give you special insight. I can read in the traditional ways but I mainly channel, so my interpretations are a little more nuanced. Example: many tarot readers have memorized the card meanings and will read based on what I call "textbook interpretations" whereas if I am doing a 10 card spread I look at everything first to give you a bigger picture reading.

Personal number 5122


Hello my name is Lara, from a young age i have been interested in the spiritual world. That is when i started to realise i had a gift and wanted to help others.


I have a very good sense of people.. what kind of person they are, what their future holds, and where their life is headed. I also know quite a bit about past lives, if that is something you are interested in.

Personal number 6375


Hello my lovelies! I'm Darcy Light-Hart, but you can call me Darl for short! So - a lil bit 'bout me, I love talking about anything, I'm also great at making people feel better especially if they're feeling lonely. Call me for a great time, whether you just want someone to listen, to make you feel better, to bring you luck...I could even be your babe...let me make you feel like a king. I can be your release. Let me help you ;) If you'd like to know more, just ask. x


Coming from a long line of Romani witches, the art and magick of tarot is not unknown to me. Practising magick from a young age has enabled me to grasp a concept of the powers that are and can be, with tarot and magick widely being my portal into making the unknown, known.


9 years of experience Barbara is a natural born 4th generation medium psychic Always believe in yourself!!!


I grew up in a reservation, my Native American ancestor's bless me. I dream of past present and future. Spirit animals guide us all many times over in our life. Let me discuss your dreams, to unfold them for you.

Personal number 7448