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As a small boy I began to see what I now know to be spirits.They were as real to me as the people in my family. My parents put it down their child's over active imagination. It was however, the beginning and true awakening of my sixth sense. It took me many years to unwrap my gifts with the empathy and understanding needed. Although I believe everyone has psychic abilities, I can and do take things much further. I unlock the door to the other side and communicate with those who have passed.

Personal number 2914


I have been practicing physic reading since I was 18 years old. I discovered my physic abilities when I was 11 years of age.

Personal number 2874


Hello everyone, I'm Chryssa, an energetic girl, cheerful and passionate about the human mind. I like to listen to people's problems and try to help them with advice based on personal experiences. I think that talking about certain things, looking at the cold, helps us to clear our minds and see things more clearly. The mind is the most important organ and if we train it properly, it radically changes our lives.

Personal number 2242


Hello, I am Mystical Gia here to guide you on this plane and the next with advice for your own love life, deceased ones in the afterlife, even the future of yourself. My energy will be able to surround you with my mysticism and light energy that I use to heal the soul and consciousness. So, please join me on this beautiful voyage with my expertise! Blessed be to you all!

Personal number 2916


I first found my ability to help people in there journey of life when I was a younger, I actually started when I was 19 getting the help from my spiritual father papa legba and the other lwa spirits I have learned multiple things about helping people along the way.

Personal number 2613


The philosophy behind my psychic work is to enable the client to accrue the perfect relationship, the perfect career, financial abundance and beautiful happiness using spirit. Qualifications gained: Qualified Healer and Light worker. Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Diploma: Life Coaching Diploma: Relationship Counselling Diploma: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy University Degree: UK MMU

Personal number 1849


I always feel a strong energy of spirit around me. They tell me unspoken secrets and answer my questions by whispering into my ears and showing me universe signs. I am here to help you unsolve your conundrums and reveal your future.

Personal number 1490


Hello, I'm Mira, a seventh-generation Psychic/Medium of Italian and Native American background. I have had intuitive experiences and been able to connect with those who have crossed over since childhood. My Italian grandmother, Bianca, was a Dream Interpreter, and my Native American ancestors were from a long line of Medium and Intuitive healers. In my readings I place focus on the whole person; including body, mind and spirit. I look forward in connecting with you~ Love and Light~~ Mira

Personal number 1866