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I've been helping clients, friends, and family for almost my entire teen and adult life with advice, decisions according to fate, destiny, and faith. I always try to find a way to help my clients with there spiritual path.

Personal number 5036


Thank you for checking me out. I see many path, if you ask me how to reach your goal. Some are straight line, some are curvier than other, some brighter. If I let it, I could feel your pain in my body as if they are mine. I see overwhelming beauty in everywhere and everyone, and I'm struggling to express my feelings. Those are some of my "skills". What can I do for you? Please note that English is my second language and Japanese is my first.

Personal number 7684


Within you, you have a question. Does that special someone feel the same way about you? Is this next major life choice I'm about to make the right one for me? Or even... Should I have Chinese or Indian tonight? Maybe instead of a particular question, you're just curious about what is ahead of you. Let's have a chat together with me and my cards, and whether you want a quick, "Yes," or "No," to your questions or if you want a more detailed answer, I'm here to help.


I've been in practice for over 10 years and first discovered my abilities when I was younger and know what you want and deserve to know, just ask.

Personal number 0870


Hi my name is Aryah. I am a very good person to talk to when it comes to love and relationships. Everyone comes to me asking me for advice and I am always right.

Personal number 7519


Practiced in tarot, an with an eye toward the future. While I've always known I was a little different; it was seven years ago that I began honing my sight. Let me bring you direction.


Hi my name is Tamsin. I am psychic,intuitive, accurate, empathic, down to earth tarot reader. I connect to the universe and my ancestors to really connect to my clients to get to the core of the situation they may be going through. As everyone needs clarity and guidance from the highest good. I am straight to the point with my readings and very understanding and most of all a great listener. Look forward to hearing from you. Peace, love and light x

Personal number 7622


Hi! My name is Akeia. I have been reading tarot cards for nearly 30 years. I've been reading professionally for 20. I am an energy healer, diviner, and I love to help people! I receive messages from the divine, usually through my cards, but sometimes they just come through on their own. I am accurate, honest, and kind. I would love the opportunity to work with you. If you need answers, clarity, change, I'm the reader for you. Let my decades of experience help guide you.