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after a very important person passed away in my life he has come to me in many forms and I know how to talk to people that are on the other side I get a sense of where they're coming from and things that they want to say to their loved ones I also have very strong spiritual feelings of what will happen to people in their futures

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Hi! I'm Scarlett Mary-Floyd and I am a natural born gifted psychic and spiritual advisor. I have over 5 years of professional experience telling present and future in love, marriage, career, any type of business/ finances, family, friends, and much more. I am providing help through all aspects of life.

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I'm an enchantress by nature but my specialty is tarot and divination. I have been practicing tarot for 3 years now and have done various readings for people all of which were extremely accurate including the prediction of a tragic fateful event. My readings are honest and true but I will not answer questions regarding death or those that have passed as I am not a medium and some things are beyond my understanding. Spells for money and prosperity are a specialty of mine

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Let me be the one to help guide you through the world of love, romance, as well as gaining insight into your financial future to help you meet your goals.

Personal number 5012


I learned about my psychic abilities in highschool. I only told my closest friends because I didn't want everyone wanting me to read them.

Personal number 5265


My Name is India Rose and for the last few years I have become very talented in the art of prediction and guidance when it comes to love, romance, and sex. I can offer expert advice and accurate predictions when it comes to love.

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I am a natural born empath. I discovered my gift at a very young age and begin strenthing my abilities as I grew older. I started out doing readings for family and friends and later begin doing readings via social media. I specialize in love and relationships and also career. I'm a very compassionate person who enjoy helping others. I DO NOT SUGARCOAT MY READINGS AND ONLY GIVE ACCURATE INFORMATION. I DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS. I ALSO DO NOT PREDICT THE FUTURE AS THE UNIVERSE CHANGES.

Personal number 3541


I've been psychic my whole life and doing readings and clearings for 8 years. I do energy readings and angel card readings for love, money, career, life. I'm able to clear blocks so you can create the life you want.

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