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Welcome, I am Miss Luna and I am a certified Tarot reader and fifth generation Medium with 15 years professional experience. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, a pendulum and I hear the whispering of the spirits in combination to bring you clarity. My readings provide an objective perspective to your situation allowing you maximum clarity to make the best decision for your life path.

Personal number 9735


I can help you find the path of your love life you will feel connected to me spiritually and as psychic reader you will have the time to express to my self for me to help you with your desires I will help you feel loved and wanted.

Personal number 7819


I have been a Wiccan for over 20 years. I discovered my gift of being an Empath over 10 years ago. Tarot and Astrology are my favorites.

Personal number 4411


My name is April. I can feel spirits near me or around. I also dream about whats going to happen in the near future. My old therapist said it was a gift. That was way back when I was 15. I also get vibrations when it comes to relationships whether good or bad. So far I helped two people and now theyre married!

Personal number 7476


I specialise in matters of the heart, weather that be relationships, break ups, secret crushes, loneliness or so much more. I can give you answers. and if i'm not online just send me a message and i will get right back to you. I look forward to connecting with you soon

Personal number 6861


hello my name is roma and i come from a long line of romany descendants.i am able to pick up on a lot from a person in most areas of life i have a lot of understanding and i also specialize in child loss.i have been working in this area for many years.i am a very sensitive person but direct with my readings i am here to help you and give you the guidance that you are looking for on your path in life.

Personal number 3402


I have specialized in love & relationships through a persons specific sexual & emotional spirit guide for the last 8 years. Let me help you connect on higher levels sexually, emotionally, & spiritually.

Personal number 9371


I was born into a family with psychic genes on both my mother's and father's side. From a very early age,I discovered that I most enjoyed helping others. With 20 years experience reading tarot combined with my natural abilities,you can rest assured that your reading will be as individual as you are,completely confidential and delivered with shocking accuracy.Whether it's questions about on your mind all love and relationships breakups Career and more I help you today To a better tomorrow