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I have been practicing as a psychic and healer over 25 years, starting to refine my ability with tarot cards as a young teen. During those years I also found my natural cosmic healing ability and would be happy to guide you in cleansing your aura and removing toxic energy as well as consult with you psychically on readings and tapping into your spirit guides. If you have a session with me you may experience increased positivity, certainty, and invigoration.


Hi, I'm Evie, and I am an intuitive, empathic and down-to-earth natural psychic reader with 8 years of experience. When I read for you, I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities, in conjunction with my cards. I have a number of different types of cards, and depending on your situation, I will use the deck most appropriate to it. I can also offer chakra balance, astrology and numerology readings, as well as crystal therapy.


Hey there! I love talking to people, making new friends, and doing whatever I can to help with any problems you might have. Don't worry, I ALWAYS go the extra mile, great customer service is the key ;) As for my psychic abilities, I discovered my abilities in high school. As time went on they got better and all my clients agree! I specialize in love, relationships, & healing. I always go the extra mile, because it's what you deserve!

Personal number 6943


I have a speciality in dowsing and have a unique connection with the spirit world, i can help find and contact family friends and animals who have departed, i use this connection to send and receive messages and be a middle ground for one world to another.


Hello my name is Rose I am a gift of natural born psychic healer no matter what you may be looking for buzzer and maybe love and relationships. I am here to help I will ask you nothing and tell you everything I come from a long line of psychic healers and advisers and I will tell you you're past present and future and tell you what is the best path for you to meet beyond no matter what it is you're looking for I am here for you no problem is too big or too small


Hi my names Cat-Issy Do you currently have questions about what do they want or whether they want a relationship or is love present ? I can answer your questions. I work on a Soul Level and tune into the energy surrounding the situation and I also tap into their feelings so I can tell you what they're feeling . All you need to do is give me your question and I will do the rest. I'm passionate about giving caring and honest readings I look forward to your questions Warmest Blessings x


clairsentient empath life coach Tired of being told only what you want to hear and hearing false predictions?my main goal is to spread love and light. I can provide guidance in love and relationships, get to the bottom of how the other person feels about you, or if they're directing their energy towards someone else. I also practice in chakra healing, and holistic healing.

Personal number 8825


Let me tell you what I see coming in your future. A lover of the spirits and stones, I am very skilled at helping you find out what the universe has laid ahead for you. Have been reading futures for over five years now and my powers are only getting stronger. Need help within your Love relationship or a friendship? Let my mind help you help yours.

Personal number 7717