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I have a special gift that I'm willing to share with the world. I've had this gift all my life. For the past 5 years I've learned to accept my gift, and use it to help others. I'm here to help people who are struggling in life with love and happiness.


I'm an expert at providing psychic insight on relationships, dating and prosperity! I have been connected into the third dimension of knowledge for five years now and have helped many people make life altering decisions work in their favor!


Hi I'm Myst! I'm an experienced psychic who loves to help and inspire people to find their best path in life and love. I provide readings using my intuition, tarot and Oracle cards, and numerology. I also receive messages through the 4 Clairs. I use whichever skill my Intuition guides me to. I have been giving readings for more than 6 years. My readings are straightforward and honest. I know how to find the positive in any situation so you will always feel confident in your future.


I am RainbowChild. I have been psychic since I was a teenager, but didn't really discover my psychic ability until I was an adult. I've been practicing for 15 years. I specialize in clairvoyance, astrology, and love and relationships. I have clairvoyant dreams often. I am also very good at picking up on vibrations and energy.


I work every day to become closer with my own guides, so that I can help you connect with yours. I read Tarot and have two decks: an classic "Rider-Waite" deck and a Gaian deck that's all about mother earth. I channel only love, light energy, so don't worry about bad juju when you get a reading with me.


I'm a psychic who can tell you what the future holds for you, love, romance. What's in the cards, you ask? Let me tell you.


Hello, my name is Chosima and I am a spiritual guide. I use angel cards to provide honest answers, guidance, motivation, and inspiration to everyone who calls or sends a message. My gift was handed down from my grandmother. Many of my readings have come true, and I enjoy hearing about it. If I'm not online when you need me, feel free to request a booking, or send me a message. Let's talk, the cards are waiting.


I'm an eclectic Wiccan very much in-tune with Astrology and tarot. I've been studying and practising both fields for the past 5 years. Come have a consultation with me and I will put your mind at ease. Tell me all your worries, struggles, and I'll let you know what the cards see.