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I've always had a deep connection with the universe. I first knew that something was special about me when I was able to determine the outcome of my older siblings relationships based on the astrological compatibility of their signs. I have been a help to many relationships since i discovered my talents.


I discovered I was very special at a young age. Through dreams and clairvoyance I can lead you to the right path. I have felt these gifts for almost 30 years. Chat with me so I can lead you to your enlightened path.


My great grandmother was a medium, she was able to communicate to the dead. My grandmother was also and my aunt. I guess you can say it runs in the family. I've never thought I was different or special since my family made it seem like it was normal and everyone can do it.


I for many years have specialised in love and relationships. From a young age I have had the ability to see visions only now at 31 do I have the ability to interpret them. Sometimes it is hard to read people so I will let you no if I can't read you. I am a trained healer and specialise in guided self healing which I can do via the telephone. I have used tarot cards for 20 years and can do this via call or one card via messages. I look forward to hearing from you Love and light


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I'm a very honest and accurate psychic I have been doing angel cards from the age of 4 and I have been connecting with angels from all I can remember. I can also read futures as well as my own and my abilities help me decide on what to do and I have also helped people find there inner self and heal them and help them with their problems.


Hello friends! Allow me, Madam Ceceilia Marie to peek into your future! I have been a practicing medium for the last 6 years. I have always had a natural ability to connect with individuals on a very deep and personal level. I can point you in the direction that your future guides me! Help me help you!


I have been a practising psychic for a couple of years now but I have always known I have had a gift. At a very young age my mother was always told by her psychic that I was gifted like her. The older I got, the more passionate I became and felt that this was what I am supposed to do in life.