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I've always known I was special since I was a child, but it wasn't until my teenage years that I decided to act upon my physic abilities. I am very considerate of other's emotions and the emotions that will guide them to discovering their path.


I use a lot of the universe energy to pick up vibrations and to find out truth and to heal. Come talk to me if you are emotionally in pain or need advice I can help you heal your inner wounds


I'm an emphatic intuitive tarot reader looking to help others I have 3 years experience I've done over 300 readings I specialize but not limit my abilities to love readings I can also answer career and general readings as well please contact me to get the answer to all your questions you won't be disappointed


I have been practising now for around 5 years when I was told I had the ability to open my 3Rd eye and see things. Some things were already coming through to me but I didn't know how to listen properly. I can tell people's thoughts and feelings, I give healing to people and I am able to get advice from spirit guides if they choose to come through.


My name is Aaria & I'm a 3rd generation claircognizant. My specialty is in Tarot readings, in which I've practiced for 20yrs+. I've known of my abilities all my life, which also includes astrology,clairvoyant healing, as well as spiritual guidance.


I'm Gabbie, I have been in practice and helping others for about 5 years now. I discovered my abilities when I was would see visions of things for my friends and tell them about it and eventually it happened to them. Love life is my speacitlty, I can see and feel your future with love. I'm looking forward to help you figure out your future, love and life!


I have been practicing for 11 years now. Enjoy giving people peace of mind and a peek into their future. Helping them choose the path when there's a fork in the road. I'm here to listen, look, feel and help you in this journey we call life.


i have been having a sixth sense ever since i was 3 and i and i am very happy to share my positive energy with you. i'm not only that i am very excellent with listening and giving great advice.