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I have been practicing for over 15 years, I noticed I had the gift when I was very young I had odd dreams that came true weird feelings and senses. I would always know when someone was coming or about to call before they actually did the task. I want to help you with what ales you.

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To tell you about love and relationships finances what you need to know and not what you're wanting to hear I speak with my angels and also work with my Tarort cards to give you the best advice

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Hello all, My name is Briar Rose. My psychic abilities manifested themselves at the tender age of 16 and have only grown these last 5 years. I specialize in tarot cards and astrology. Come meet with me and let me revel your future.

Personal number 1945


I am not a psychic but I am here to make an individual feel great about themselves. Whatever their going through I want to release the stress and comfort in anyway I can. Making others happy is what I'm best at and making someone's day is what I'm here for. So who's ready to chat with me and experience a different type of vibe?

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I am a 24 year old single mom. I have been able to read people for as long as I can remember. I hear ghosts and can see things that others dont

Personal number 1664


Born a natural gifted psychic of the third generation. Past, present and future readings. I specialize in love relationships, reuniting loved ones, Spiritual guidance, removing negativity, marriage, divorce and more!

Personal number 3852


i have always been able to read people ever since I was a child. noticing and understanding emotion has always been a key focus for me with everyone i associate with. this is the ultimate way to build intimate, strong relationships. much love.

Personal number 3827


have had psychic visions and premonitions since child.My intuition has made ma a good lover and confidante to all my friends. I have a lot of experience in psychology,compassion, empathy. Excellent written and oral skills. soothing and encouraging

Personal number 0755