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Hi my name is psychic Dalila I am a fifth generation psychic I have 15 years of experience I specialize in all matters in life I'm not always spiritual visor I also guide and help people through out life

Personal number 2368


Personal number


For over 20 years I have been able to see the forth coming and speak and see spirits that have crossed over trough time and practice I have embraced and developed my gifts and enjoy offering my services to the world. Let me help answer questions and ease your mind during your journey called life

Personal number 2485


my name is poppie and i am here to help you understand the path of your life your predicted future and more.

Personal number


I tend to learn by doing. Love and romance is definitely my skill. I help a lot of people find or fix their problems when it comes to romance.

Personal number 2410


I am able to use my intuition to help people with their most Challenging concerns and questions. Helping others and yourself find answers and direction in life.

Personal number 7151


I have always been clairvoyant my whole life. Now I've also been using tarot cards to guide me. I am intuitive and a great reader and knowledgeable about relationships. I can see if he or she is the right one for you.

Personal number 4869


I'm an intuitive empath which means that I can feel what others are feeling in order to connect to what is happening in a situation. I use my personal energy, crystals, playing cards, and oracle decks for readings. I love "love" and I enjoy helping people find their path to success.

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