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Hello to everyone! My name is Annalisa I have been a tarot card reader since I was 12 years old. My grandmother passed her love and devotion of this practice on to me. I offer a warm and energetic tarot reading.


I am a gifted and experienced psychic clairvoyant and I have been doing readings for over 15 years. I've had my gift my hole life been traveling around the world to help others seek what they are looking for in life's journey! My goal is to help you in any type of situation to help you find clarity. I specialize in Love, Relationship, family, friends, career, finances, one of my specialties is chakra balancing arua energy readings and life cleansings.


I started by giving friends advice on their relationships, they would always come to me an Explain there situation and I'd give them my opinion. I never thought of it being a "gift" I was just helping my friends. They convinced me to try to help other people so I'm giving this a try to see if I can help aid people with their relationship problems.


Hello, My name is BellaDonna. I am a psychic medium, clairvoyant, empath. I offer Readings for love, finance career, and family. If you are looking to connect with a past loved one, or looking to connect with spirit guides, or even harness your own gifts I am here for you. I also offer advice for natural and holistic healing, and may conduct manifestations & attraction for love & money. Sending you lots of love and blessings.


Ello I'm tootsie I was blessed with what I thought was a curse my whole life until I discovered that it was a gift when I stopped being afraid of it. But now I wouldnt want it any other way! I cant wait to help, it's why I was put here on earth. Dispite my age I am not only good at healing, but I love reading people and helping them solve the issues they have and the questions they want answered, now some are easier than others but I I'll make sure you always get the answers your searching for!


I can assist in love and relationships and am a fiery ginger. I know many different aspects and futuristic info in regards to the love in the air.


I'm an Empath and Clairsentient..I can feel others emotions, pains and feelings..It's actually been a part of me since I was young, but I've been aware of it for about 5 years..I have helped several people relieve stress and anxiety just by talking to them..If you need a shoulder to cry on or just need to get things off your chest, I'm here..I'm caring, non judge mental and can offer positive advice..Always remember, "This Too Shall Pass" :)


I've been a psychic for over 28 years I was born with the gift I am business in license in the state of California I have a shop .. I love meeting new people and making friends and have understanding about life and helping them go to their next journey