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I am here to help you when you are feeling down and help you seek answers in which will you need, giving you an insight to your future and what the universe has in store for you. I am a insightful ,compassionate and down to earth person and never judge on a clients situation.


Greetings my loves, as you naturally born spiritual being a Pisces, I have always been in direct connection with Beloved. I am an empath and I use tarot cards and Angel oracle cards along with my intuition to give guidance to those that may need it.

Personal number 5786


From an early age I took an interest in exploring my psychic abilities. I specialise in tarot, rune casting and palm reading. So whether you want to shine a light on your future or to make sense of your past I would love to help you.

Personal number 7666


Kelly discovered her psychic abilities when she was 14 years old. She felt drawn to books on spiritualism and the occult. She has been practicing astrology and numerology since then. Kelly is also a strong empath who uses her abilities to help people heal.

Personal number 5116


I've always been a spiritual person. I would see angels walking through the house my family thought I was special but crazy. I would see flashes of visions as if they were real. I would reveal certain things to people that only they would know about. I can pick up good & bad Energy vibration. I can sense a good path on your decision making or cautious you to wait & be still for the right.

Personal number 5005


I specialist in love and relationships. I am able to advise, analyse and provide the necessary help needed to those who wish to seek clarity regarding their love lives or their lovers. I am open, honest and straight forward, no nonsense only truth and understanding.

Personal number 4472


Hello, my name is Alia and I have been using Tarot along with my spirit guides to help people overcome a multitude of problems, for over 10 years. Sometimes we all need advice or a little push to know where we need to go in life and using my skills as a Tarot reader, I can help you. I can help with love, relationships, career, life and healing. I'm also a trainee psychologist, I find this works perfectly with Tarot in order to get a more in-depth reading. I look forward to hearing from you.

Personal number 2311


I've been practicing since I was 10 years old. I came to find out about my gift when I was 9, I asked my grandma why I have such vivid dreams about people I meet and she went on to teach me the ways of our family gift. I am a 4th generation psychic. I was born and raised in Kenya where I learned the ways of my ancestors, how and what they did to control this power. All I usually need from my clients is your name and birthday and the ancestors let me know what you need to know.

Personal number 5245