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I am a psychic love healer I specialize in all areas of love relationships and marriages. I was born with this gift that had passed on from family generations. I have been giving readings for 15 years. I also have my own office where I give readings in person We're I give Palm, Tarot Card readings and Psychic love readings. Are you feeling lost and confused about your loved one? I have all The answers you are looking for I am open honest and straightforward on my readings Love & light.

Personal number 4642


I have been a psychic for 9 years, I noticed my powers when I was in middle school, I love to help people!

Personal number 5290


I believe that my abilities go beyond intuition when It comes to love. I can help you sort out your romantic troubles. Let me guide you on your journey to love, happiness, and spiritual enlightenment.

Personal number 3992


Personal number 4854


My name is Madammillie and I was born under the sign of aries and Mars is my ruling planet. For as long as I can remember I've always had an intuitive spirit and strong connection to others. I started having visions and psychic dreams when I was about 6. I enjoy helping people find the answers they seek. I am able to provide insight with relationships, love, friendships, and just people you encounter in general. I pride myself on giving thorough and detailed reading with genuine compassion.


I am a 4th generation empathic spiritual advisor with an intuitive connection to my guides and angels with over 5 years of working experience. I have helped many people over the years discover their true life's path. I have the gift to accurately predict love outcomes so that you can gain the insight you seek. I am deeply passionate about my work and helping others.

Personal number 6895


Personal number 7912


I have been a psychic for as long as i can remember. There's plenty of ways to express my ability but im more intuned with love/relationships. I got more intuitive abilities that just decided to focus on that topic. As well as romansic. Its helping people work through,understand am heal in those areas. Astrology is another ability of mine which starts with the planets to the sky to us. Our zodiac signs.(I'm on the cusp of Aquarius&Capricorn). So you kno what that tells you.

Personal number 0389