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My name is Aaria & I'm a 3rd generation claircognizant. My specialty is in Tarot readings, in which I've practiced for 20yrs+. I've known of my abilities all my life, which also includes astrology,clairvoyant healing, as well as spiritual guidance.

Personal number 7739


Hello, I am a life coach/counsellor by profession and passion. I have been practicing psychic work for a number of years now. In addition, I am a medical intuitive. I use tarot cards, oracle cards, and angel love cards as tools to connect with my higher guidance to answer questions about love, relationships, work, and more... If you are struggling with challenging situations or choices, I can give you valued insights with phone and email readings. Readings bring clarity, hope, and guidance.

Personal number 2243


i have been having a sixth sense ever since i was 3 and i and i am very happy to share my positive energy with you. i'm not only that i am very excellent with listening and giving great advice.

Personal number 8053


It's written in the stars. Is your love interest, lover, or spouse the one for you? Is someone keeping a secret from you? Let me help you!

Personal number 0698


I have a very good sense of people.. what kind of person they are, what their future holds, and where their life is headed. I also know quite a bit about past lives, if that is something you are interested in.

Personal number 6375


Hello my lovelies! I'm Darcy Light-Hart, but you can call me Darl for short! So - a lil bit 'bout me, I love talking about anything, I'm also great at making people feel better especially if they're feeling lonely. Call me for a great time, whether you just want someone to listen, to make you feel better, to bring you luck...I could even be your babe...let me make you feel like a king. I can be your release. Let me help you ;) If you'd like to know more, just ask. x

Personal number 2756


9 years of experience Barbara is a natural born 4th generation medium psychic Always believe in yourself!!!

Personal number 2571


I grew up in a reservation, my Native American ancestor's bless me. I dream of past present and future. Spirit animals guide us all many times over in our life. Let me discuss your dreams, to unfold them for you.

Personal number 7448