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My abilities become apparent as a child but has someone once said talent on its own means nothing,so I trained for 10 years before doing my first professional read,I have been doing professional readings for over 20 years and have developed in one of the best readers in the world.

Personal number 4082


I have been a psychic for over 10 years.. I can help you with questions you have for a loved one or an enemy? Whatever the question may be, I will have your answer! Chat with me, let me help you become the BEST you!!

Personal number 6303


Hello and welcome to my profile. I am Empress Tarot, I have been reading tarot for many years. I specialise in love and relationship readings I am non-judgmental you can talk to me about any issue that concerns you. As a psychic I can see a probable future and approximate time frames based on your current circumstances, I can illuminate alternative pathways if you wish.

Personal number 7271


My Psychic abilities have range! I have practiced for over 8 years. I discovered my psychic abilities after high school and they have NEVER stir me wrong. After that my abilities drew me to helping others.

Personal number 2873


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Personal number 3699


I have been doing psychic reading since I was 15. Usually about relationships, ranging from friends,co workers, family,and even strangers. I have guided many with difficulties in their relationships. Helping them understand their relationship. And giving them advice based on my readings.


Young soul all the way from South Africa, I have been practicing as a Sangoma/Igqirha since 2010.The calling drove me to leave my professional career and focus on being trained as a Traditional Healer connecting me with the older souls that guide me. My reading tools include psychic intuition, tarrot card reading, bones and dream analysis. I also assist clients tune into their own psychic abilities through meditation. My healing focuses on the mind, body and soul.

Personal number 3442


I am a psychic who has been reading tarot cards for more than 5 years and I have been studying and applying astrology for the past 3 years. I have been in touch with my intuition and psychic clairaudient gifts since I was a very young woman, around 5 years. I specialize in love and relationship tarot readings, angel readings, and life purpose readings.