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A third Generation spiritualist. I specialize in many categories such as: Love, Career/money, Family, intimate life advice, Reiki healing Chakra balancing, lover's reunification My readings not only take the guesswork out of dating, but also provide you with detailed answers to serious questions! Never wonder what your partner is thinking again.

Personal number 8778


My experience has been nothing but amazing guiding the lost, heartbreak,pain, as well as spiritual healing . Often we need someone to show us the light at the end of the tunnel. I realized that having this gift is a blessing to me aswell as those whom I have assisted in trying times.

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Astral Projection or mental Projection the ability to voluntarily project astral body consciousness Out of Body Experience temporary separation from physical body. Aura Reading ability to perceive energy fields surrounding people places and things. Energy Medicine empathetic mental or spiritual energy Psychometry ability to obtain information about a person or an object by touch. Remote Viewing telesthesia our remote sensing to see a distant or unseen Target using perceptions.

Personal number 4313


My name is Mialu, I am English and I have many years of experience reading Tarot, I am a kind and understanding person but will always give it you straight. I am a good listener and will never judge you. I am an expert in giving you advice on your love and relationships guiding you whatever stage you are in life.

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A Spiritual and Empathic Professional with over 10-years of experience. Highly intuitive and a Natural Healer. Psychic/Medium/Intuitive Teacher and Divine Channel for Spirit. I believe in a multi-faith approach, meaning any and all faiths as long as they are based in love and light. Throughout the years, I have had the greatest privilege of working with Ascended Master's, Archangel's, Angel's and, of course personal Spirit Guide's.

Personal number 5286


Hi, I am Francine. I am a psychic/medium. Though I have known I was different my whole life, I began this journey about 8 years ago, and there is no stopping now. I am very intuitive, and have a very compassionate approach to my readings. It is my personality to treat everyone as if they were family. I do use tools such as Tarot and Lenormand cards, oracle cards, and pendulums if you want me to. Please don't hesitate to drop me a line, I'm always here for you.

Personal number 2805


Hello, my name is Chaya and I will use my psychic talent with the use of Tarot cards to get to the bottom of your situation. I have a very strong intuition and communicate with spirit in the dreamworld. I can also send you distance healing with Reiki. I have spent many years reading the tarot and can offer you a genuine and honest insight into your current life experience. I am currently using the Osho Zen Tarot deck and my personal favourite is the Witches Tarot.

Personal number 8401


Discovered I had spirit guides from a very young age when I was able to tell strangers things I felt they needed to know. Passed down from my mother I also have the ability to read palms and give insights into where we may be going wrong in all aspects of life and why we may be feeling a certain way so we can then work on gaining more positive experiences

Personal number 8974