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Hey, my name is Karolina and I have been aware of my psychic abilities from a very young age. Also I am very interested in astrology and in everything which bear on healing so I really love to talk to you.


I am an outgoing, creative, and very fun individual! I enjoy talking about anything and everything in the world, as long as you can keep a conversation going. :) Message me if you like to smile, laugh, and just have an adventurous time. I can't wait to hear from you!!!! :)


I come from the heritage of Appalachian granny women. I was taught to read the signs in dreams, and to listen to nature when she is speaking. I work with both the light and the dark side, and often consult the wisdom of the spirit realm. I use dreams and a tarot deck as well as ouija and bibliomancy. I do works for the good of the situation, and can throw a powerful curse if the situation shows it to be justified. Come to me for matters that are proving stubborn and need a push to change.


Many people have told me that I have a sense of knowing what will happen. I wouldn't say that I can tell the future, rather I can sense if your decisions or actions will give you what you are wishing / hoping for. I also see myself as a life coach and advisor. Many of us these days change careers at least twice or more in their life time. I hope that I can guide you towards the path of fulfilment and happiness, achieving all of your dreams and so much more.


I am an expert in love, relationships, and a career specialist, I can sense the feelings of others by connecting to them. I am able to remove your confusion and doubts. If you are stuck in problems; I will give you solutions. I will tell you what the future is holding for you.Thanks to my gifts, many people got the help they needed and ended up very happy with an easy life. Happiness is around you everywhere and I will help you to reach it to fulfill your destiny.


Natural ability to tap into the different realms and utilize the wavelinks and the tools thats provided to the earth.Sychronize with visions, intuitions, Esp and much more.


I was born gifted but have focused my gifts through the last 20 years by learning tarot, runes stone and other forms of divination. They help me to get a clear picture of what you need to know about yourself and your life. I specialize in relationships, family and employment.