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I've been through my shares of failed and successful relationships and I understand how rough the field can be. I want to give blunt and honest advice to anyone who needs it, and I'm open to helping any sexuality. I want to make sure that love, relationships, and sex isn't a taboo subject and want to provide unbiased opinions and facts on those matters.

Personal number 5800


I have been practicing Love in my psychic life for quite some years now (15.) In order for me to read you better I would need to do simple reading of your past experiences with love.


I am a professional psychic and counsellor and have a background in relationship matters including Marriage, Divorce, Children and questions worrying you in general, Maybe you are simply looking to find answers as to which way to turn. I don't judge you, I give you a very unbiased view on what is the right way to resolve an issue.

Personal number 0058


Have you been hurt or heartbroken by someone you loved? You're not alone! With my help, not only will I assist you with your future, but we will have some fun as well...

Personal number 0166


I have over 10 yrs experience in Psychic readings. I realized when I was very young that I had premonitions before events occurred. Now. I am a certified Angel Reader by Charles Virtue and Radleigh Valentine Angel readings are my specialty.Angel Tarot and many Oracle Cards . I have 30 decks to choose from when you contact me.Pendulums are also available for the answers that you seek Reach out and we will get started


I'm a dreamer I see what's in the stars I'm a clairvoyant And phsycic medium And love to help people connect to their past loved ones


Hi my name is psychic ann I have been doing this for 30yr I can help you when you are feeling lost and confused My readings are honest and straightforward and I do not sugarcoat they are also non judge mental I can help give clarity to your situation whether it be love marriage relationships business

Personal number 1919


Hello, and nice to meet you. I specialize in Love and Guidance. I've practiced my abilities from a very young age and have grown and strengthened my eye. Ive been helping others openely for 5 years. I'm here to give you insight into what you seek, guidance for your future, and how your relationships with others are affecting you.

Personal number 3553