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I am a spiritual healer and am blessed with many capabilities, but I have chosen healing as my primary effort. I have recently gone through many things that have brought me closer to my spirituality and abilities, and I would really love to be able to offer these lessons to those who are going through internal battles, toxic relationships and the spiritual awakening process.

Personal number 1844


*SEND ME A MESSAGE* (NO CALLS SORRY) Hi my name is Luna. I am a tarot card reader. I developed my abilities in high school. Over the years I have worked at carnivals, psychic fairs and online on my website. I have been working with tarot for years now. This is my passion. I have helped countless people with obstacles they experience in their life. I help give you guidance and clarity. My readings are detailed and done with care. I look forward to hearing from you.

Personal number 1922


I knew I had a special gift ever since I was a little girl. I've always had a sense about certain aspects of life that I couldn't explain and have used this sense to help my friends and family in times of confusion and disarray. I find what I do can be very comforting when one feels uncertain about life and is in need of guidance.

Personal number 4865


With building a special relationship with you I'll be able to help you through all of you struggles or give advice on what I see. Let me be here for you whenever you need me!


I have been practicing for five years. I discovered my psychic abilities at a very young age and they have continued to blossom. I specialise mainly in medians; humans and pets. Look forward to hearing from you!

Personal number 7266


Young & brilliant in love and relationships. Passionate with Astrology signs and what they mean when it comes to personal relations, understanding yourself and why things happen.

Personal number 5774


I am a fun-Loving Woman who experienced life really young. I'm very empathetic and easy to hold a conversation with. I've had a lot of relationship experience and I'm always open to listen and share my life experiences and advice. I believe that the answers to life's greatest problems and questions, are in the stars. The night sky is like a map that God sent his Angels to draw for us. I specialize in personal horoscopes. Chat with me if you have any questions.


i been helping clients over 30 yrs make the right choices for there future i can also help you. i have the answer to life tough questions. i bring clairty and insight i am a seer, i am psychic, clairvoyant , spiritualist, i also read tarot cards. i specialize in all area's of life,love and romance, soulmate readings , career , past, present, and future readings, There is nothing that i cant answer with clairty and insight. let me help you today on your journey of life.