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I became aware of my psychic nature when I was quite young and I am eager to continue practicing my craft with all of you and hope I can provide my clients with what they are looking for.


I am a cancer and live and breathe my emotions. I am an empath by nature as well which helps me to read the cards and help people with their love and relationships because I am able to feel what you are feeling.


I've always known I had...a 6th sense to say the least. Be it a call in the kddke of the night at just the right time to a loved one in need to the 'feelings' that protected my newborn infant & I from an intruder. My mother raised me to be aware of it and I've learned to tune it over the years. In a sense, I've alway been a 'practicing' psychic yet I've only worked professionally for about 5 years now. I enjoy bringing people any peace of mind I am able to.

Personal number 3591


Connecting with Angels since childhood. Learned of my Empath abilities as an adult. I've been reading Tarot cards and Oracle cards for over ten years and love using them to tell you the story that unfolds from your connection with me.


I am a very intelligent, enlightened, and positive individual. I try to see the positive in things and am very empathetic and kind. I am an active listener and have the gift of psychic abilities to help others see into their futures.I provide love an relationship readings, spirit and guide readings, astrology advice and readings as well as mediums. I will help you to look into your future and see what is awaiting you.


Hello. I'm Tazmine and I specialize in healing and using crystals. Healing crystals are a great way to realign your energy and chakras. I'm a great listener and would love to help you in any way I can.


Gypsy blood, I am very free spirited and spiritual as well as have abilities to foresee the future and interpret dreams, allow me to read your future for only the cards will tell me.


Hello and welcome, My name is Jennifer and I am a natural-born gifted psychic with over 10 years of experience. I have the ability to channel into one's energy I can pick up on past, present and future channeling through Love and relationships, family, business and much more I have the answers to all your questions good or bad without sugar coating. I look forward to connecting with you. Light and love, Jennifer