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I am a spiritual healer with the gift to help people fill their golds in their needs I am a 20 year psychic and shaman healer I want to help people find their future and opened their eyes physically spiritually and emotionally


Welcome, thank you for taking a look at my profile. I believe that life is essentially good and that we are meant to be happy and have fun. In the times that it's not, remembering that there is always a solution, is key. Let me help you find yourself again, using my psychic, healing and empathic skills that I have been honing for 21yrs as an holistic therapist and law of attraction expert.


Hi I'm Jade. I had my first psychic moment when I was 5. Seeing past life memories. When I was 13 I awoke completely as I was claircognizant. I started reading tarot and freaking people out by how accurate the readings were. I also have dreams that predict the future. You could call it a gift and a curse. I also am very knowledgeable on horoscopes and astronomy. I also do energy healing and have tons of wisdom especially in love and relationships. Reach out to me. :)


I Knew I Had The Ability To Help Change And Wisen Others At A Young Age, I Influenced Older Females And Males By The Decisions I Chose To Make And The Drive I Gave With Anything I Did I Help Others Think And Know Positivity. Rather It's life, Children, Relationships, School I Can Help You Get A Clearer State Of Mind


Hi I have many years of experience with help love, heartbreak, relationships ups and downs , financial upheaval and worries. My readings with tarot will let you open your heart and see clearly what will come to be ahead.


I specialize in love,romance marriage. I have been a psychic reader for over 50 years and I can answer all your to all that you need to know about your life I will look into the realm of your life and answer all your questions. I hope to chat with you soon have a blessed day .


Hello, I've been studying and reading Angel and Oracle Cards now for quite some time now. I am an extremely spiritual being, as we all are. Being awakened and aware of the world and knowledge around me gives me the power and drive to continue with what I do. I am a lover of life and a giver of love and light. xX