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Wondering where life is taking you? Need a shoulder to rest your weary head? Let me be the one to comfort you, show you the path. All you need to do is ask, I will have the answer. I have been a Psychic since I was a child, leading and guiding others to their destiny and path of contentment for 30years.


I have a unique spiritual guidance. I can read people who are open to it almost immediately. I have had this unique gift since I was a child having dreams and premonitions. I am very in touch with the human spirit. People who are open to me have a great experience. See what your future may bring, avoid the dangers and discover the possibilities with love, money and prosperity. Talk to me today.

Personal number 6948


I have a very intuitive mind and access to the spirit realm. I can answer any questions you may like or have for me.



I am Celeste, I can provide you with guidance that will help you to improve your life, in particular love and relationships.

Personal number 6493


I had "Imaginary Friends" as a young child and was in love with the Glorious Magic of the woods. I have not lost awareness of these Beings or fallen out of love. I am impassioned with my love of trees and in-depth study of Celtic Tree Wisdom. Shamanism, Wicca and the Green World have given me so much. Deep within me, my core, is Healer. I would love to share these energies and gifts with You. I do Color Readings, Celtic Tree Readings and Bach Flower Readings.

Personal number 3574


I am a compassionate reader that has been reading tarot cards plus use my psychic abilities to help people with what they need to know. I enjoy helping people and listening to people, with my abilities I help make their futures better.

Personal number 8465


Personal number 5247