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I specialize in angel card readings. I go with the energy. I work with positivity and love. I never give a negative reading

Personal number 0359


I am a third generation naturally gifted psychic. I come from 3 generations of psychics, I channel your voice vibration to give you an honest and in depth reading, I believe in being honest and direct in my readings, but with empathy, I have 30 years experience

Personal number 9688


I am a unique psychic tarot reader with over 15 years experience. I provide insight and knowledge and bring forward the details about your future, your past and your current situation and surroundings. I also work with my spirit guide so rest assure once connected you will gain full understanding during your reading. You truly deserve this information and knowledge about your life. Connecting you with past loved ones, you will feel comfortable in knowing and connection.


Hello, my name is fluffy cat and i love to help people improving themselves ... there a lot of things that you can change, small things that will change your life

Personal number 2025


Magical specializes in Clairsentience, mentoring and spiritual guidance with a heightened form of intuition This energy stream includes other people's feelings, inanimate objects, spiritual insights, and premonitions of the future. She is direct and works from the heart.She enjoys empowering people to find their truth and live happier, she aims to help you find a balance within the vibration of what is going on around you.Breaking Free From The Past Other Peoples Karma is her latest written Book

Personal number 1321


I have been reading cards from when I was a little girl (from about 9 years old). I can answer most of the questions(yes/no) or general view on main life zones, using not only cards but also as psychic with clairvoyant aspects. I was a prosperity teacher and life coatch, helping in business matters. If you need a friend or someone to talk just call me!


Hello! My name is Suzzana I'm a psychic empath with 22 years of experience. I specialize in love and relationships and I am here waiting to bring clarity in your life and answer all your questions. I am a natural born psychic with the gift to see past present & Future. No cold readings no sugar coating straight forward non-judgemental reader answering your questions without hesitation. Thank you for visiting my profile. Contact me for you're answers.

Personal number 3549


I am alone specialist but I also help it all matters of life I've been in business for 35 years helping people around the world

Personal number 6589