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Angels have been by my side since my early teens, keeping it to myself for a number of years later in my adult life I had a near death experience which intensified my gifts & guided me to assist other's. I am a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient Medium, & have Diploma's in Energy Healing using Crystals & Reiki, Diploma in Psychotherapy & Counselling, Spiritual Teacher trained by Charles Virtue & Angel Coaching & I look forward to connecting with you.


Hello! I have been able to predict upcoming events since I was young. I am most experienced in Love, Finance and Health. I can also perform protection and life enhancing rituals. I love helping people on the path of life and family and friends often seek out my assistance. Big to small life events I'm here for YOU!

Personal number 2107


I am genuine. My gifts are real and I am very open and honest about what I see. I am friendly, but ultimately, my gift guide's me to want and need to help those who feel lost and are looking for REAL direction. Past, present or future, I am confident in my ability to help guide people.

Personal number 1711


It's a gift and it runs in my generation this past 11 years I love to use my abilities to help people

Personal number 0524


I have been reading tarot for over 24 years. I use a combination of the cards and my natural intuition to guide you to your destiny. I specialize in relationships and have helped many past clients find love.



Hello all you beings! :)) Im Glasshouse. I am spiritual reader, I use cards to help you to find out where you are going, what you want and who you want ;) Relationship readings, past present and future readings, work readings and many others. For the full reading, I suggest booking a one hour slot with me for the most accurate reading possible. I am here to help! Please be patient as not everything is a yes and no answer, there are no quick fixes but answer to get you to where you wanna go :) xx


I knew i was spiritually talented starting around age 7. Growing up my mother was spiritually talented, She did everything in front of me and very boldly. I knew what i was doing without her asking. One day she sent me to get 10 different color Candles out of 20 different Candles and didnt tell me the specific colors she needed, I brought every single color she needed with no question and she was so shocked. Ever since then i used my gift in ways i can't explain. This is my GIFT from God.

Personal number 2608